Beach at Aalborg Coast

Enjoy the child-friendly beaches of Aalborg Coast

The beaches at Aalborg Coast are gentle and child-friendly and there is room for fun and play, relaxation and contemplation, and activities both on the ground and in the water. To put it briefly: here is room for the entire family.

Along the beaches at Aalborg Coast, there are no cars driving around, so children and grown-ups can play safely at the beaches. Grab your beachwear, pack a bag, and get ready for a lovely day at the beach.

The Island Kingdom Awaits

Imagine being the king of your own, small island or sunbathing surrounded by happy children, while you hear the sound of gentle waves crashing and enjoy the beautiful landscape and a long, white beach.

Thousands of tourists experience this island paradise each year when they visit Aalborg Coast. Hals is placed where the Limfjord flows into Kattegat on the East Coast. The small islands are located only around 30 meters from the shore, and each year, more and more small islands appear. Contrary to the eroding waves of West Coast, the waves on the East Coast are small and generous; they sweep sand and clay onto the beach causing it to grow, and therefore more and more small islands appear. These small islands vary in size during the day, depending on wind and tide.

The water is so shallow that children can walk to the small islands. The beach doesn't change much during the day, as the difference between high and low tide is only half a meter. So if you are up early, you can conquer your own small island and plant your flag in the middle of it.

Fun at the beaches at Aalborg Coast