Musikkens Spisehus in Aalborg

Flourishing Gastronomy in Aalborg

North Jutland is Denmark’s no. 1 pantry, and Aalborg is the metropolis at the center of it all. Here, the fresh ingredients are served in the unique, cozy and authentic settings of the greatest restaurants in the city.

Restaurant Textur

Welcome to Aalborg – a growing city, a developing city and a city that loves company. New modern work places have replaced the heavy industrial jobs at the cement factory Aalborg Portland, the distilling factory “Spritfabrikken” and Aalborg Shipyard, and students from all over the world come to study at Aalborg University. The new waterfront is buzzing with innovation and the cultural scene has exploded. Meanwhile, the gastronomy has been simmering in the corner – and now it’s ready to be served!

For many years, “Mortens Kro” has been the most significant restaurant, when it comes to representing Aalborg on the national as well as international stage of gourmet cooking. Those days are over now, and a flourishing gastronomic development has attracted a vast number of restaurants. Restaurant Fusion, Restaurant Bühlmann, Restaurant Tabu and Restaurant Applaus are just a few of the most significant restaurants, but also Bistro 59, Rusk, Nam, Prinses Juliana, La Locanda, San Giovanni, Musikkens Spisehus, Rositas Bistro, Bistro V, Brdr. Price and Søgaards Bryghus are all acknowledged for their high gastronomic standards.

Denmark’s no. 1 pantry

It may well be that the restaurant business of Aalborg is only just beginning to flourish, but the exquisite ingredients have always been within reach. North Jutland can offer some of the finest agriculture in the Kingdom of Denmark. Potatoes are successfully grown in the nutritious soils of the large bog “Vildmosen”, North Jutland dairy plants produce excellent cheeses from cows with North Jutland accents, and the fjord and the surrounding coastline provide fresh fish and shellfish at your pleasure. Breweries emerge from the North Jutland sphagnum, with Bryghuset Vendia, Søgaards Bryghus and Skagen Bryghus in the lead, and even wine is now locally produced at five different vineyards in the region.

The exquisite ingredients, passionate North Jutland foodies and North Jutland DNA are deeply intertwined. Soon, not only traditional restaurants offer specialties from North Jutland. Ambitious and innovative projects like BoxTown, Food Trucks and Aalborg Street Food - The Lighthouse have already cut the first sod, planted the first seed, and soon they are able to invite tourists and locals in for exciting gastronomic experiences in authentic surroundings all over Aalborg, including the old distillery and the old harbor. There is an abundance of great ideas, but it remains unknown whether they are simply part of the fresh air here or whether they are washed ashore by the Limfjord.