Jørgen Olufsens House

Jørgen Olufsen's Gård is the best preserved merchant's house from the Renaissance to be found in Denmark. The three-storeyed warehouse is equipped with hoists and the doors to the grain lofts can be seen.

In the gateway on Østerågade note the iron bar and hook on which scales were hung so that the goods could be weighed and customers ensure that they were not being cheated. Seen from Østerågade the building consists of a stone structure with its gable end facing the street and a half-timbered wing. 

Mayor Jørgen Olufsen
The stone structure with its high steps is richly decorated. Above the sandstone portal with its male and female supporting figures can be seen the initials of the mayor, Jørgen Olufsen, who had this house built in 1616.

A little higher up in a niche there is the figure of a charming woman who carries her 360 years remarkably well. She is known as the Aalborg girl.  

Brothers Jørgen Olufsen and Jens Bang
Jørgen Olufsen was a half-brother of Jens Bang who built his house in number 9 further up the street – don’t miss it.

TIP: Visit VisitAalborg in Nordkraft, and ask for the brochure “Good Old Aalborg”. It will guide you through the old streets and by the historical buildings of Aalborg.

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Østerågade 25
9000 Aalborg


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    • Only visible from the outside



Longitude : 9.92154
Latitude : 57.049684