Portlands Moor near Aalborg

Forest and park in Aalborg area

In Aalborg area you have many opportunities for great nature experiences and fresh air – both in terms of a nice walk, an active mountain bike run or maybe just a quick nap in the grass…   

The beaches on Aalborg Coast

A trip to the beach on Aalborg Coast

You will find a number of child friendly beaches on Aalborg Coast with beautiful white sand and small waves. 

Water Pavilon at Kunsten - Museum of modern art

Nice and quite

Here you will find ideas for nice and quite experinces with your family...

- action packed family fun

Action & Fun

Do you love an action packed holiday? Here you will find suggestions for action packed family fun... 

Parks and green areas in Aalborg

In Aalborg you find lots of green areas where you can take a run, bike ride or just enjoy a breath of fresh air...