Restaurants in Nibe

Restaurants in Nibe

You will find a number of great eating places in Nibe where you can enjoy ecological food, locally brewed beer and the beautiful view of Limfjorden. Find inspiration to gastronomical experiences in Nibe here.

The waterfront in Aalborg

Take a Walk Along the Waterfront

A walk along Aalborg's newly renovated waterfront offers a wide range of different experiences.

Behag din Smag i Aalborg

Cafés in Aalborg

When you get hungry or if you just need a good cup of coffee in the middle of your shopping, help is right around the corner. Aalborg offers good cafés with good atmosphere and you can follow the city life while taking a break. Here you find a selection of some of the cafées in Aalborg city.

Restaurants in Aalborg - A selection

In Aalborg there are never far between the schnapps - neither if you are looking for a great gastronomical experience. We can recommend the restaurants on this list. If you would like a wider selection, search under the option, "Planning your trip".