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Shopping in Aalborg

Aalborg is like a box of chocolates - one tidbit after the other appears. That also applies to Aaborgs shopping life. Aalborg is a party for the senses - and the shopping gene!

In the centre of Aalborg, you will find a comprehensive selection of specialty stores next to large department stores. Here you will find two large shopping streets - Bispensgade and Algade - with some smaller streets attached.

Shopping in Aalborg

Seductive shopping in Aalborg

Aalborg is a party for the senses - and the shopping gene!

Walking street in Aalborg

Shopping in Aalborg

Aalborg has a wealth of shopping possibilities no matter what you are looking for...

Friis Shopping Center in Aalborg

Friis - shopping in front

In Friis you will find over 50 stores and many cosy cafés and eating places...

Aalborg City

Shop in Aalborg city

Aalborg town centre has three primary shopping streets: Algade, Gravensgade and Bispensgade, where you will find a wealth of interesting specialty stores and places to eat...

Aalborg Storcenter

Shop in Aalborg Storcenter

Aalborg Storcenter has over 60 specialty stores under one roof and over two thousand free parking spots right outside the door...

Parking in Aalborg

It is easy to find a parking spot when you visit Aalborg: 

Q-Park Kennedy Arkaden

Q-Park Palads

CW Obels Car Park

Fru Ronne in Aalborg

Shopping off the beaten track

With its abundance of shops, Aalborg’s high streets are perfect for anyone, who loves to shop. Aalborg has two main shopping streets – Bispensgade and Algade – where you can find almost anything your heart desires. But whatever you do, do not miss the side streets! They are packed with interesting little shops selling every imaginable item. You never know, what you will come across.

Couple at Aalborg Waterfront

Love at second sight

When you discover how much 'feel-good' city of Aalborg has to offer, you will know, that a return visit is an absolute must. Remember to reserve plenty of time though, Aalborg's attractions are many...


Kaj Bojesen Garder

Souvenirs from Aalborg

You will find souvenirs from Aalborg in, for instance many of the specialty stores, at the artists, the department store, Salling and in the shopping centres, Friis and Aalborg Storcenter...