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In Aalborg we make a virtue of assisting you in hosting valuable and inspiring meetings. Moreover many of our partners have in-depth knowledge about - and are educated in - creating inspiring and innovative meeting concepts.

An innovative meeting design concept – Meetovation

Meetovation involves each and every participant in a meeting in an exciting and engaging way, making the experience valuable and long-lasting. Meetovation breaks away from traditional, one-way communication with an emphasis on inspiring settings, green consciousness, purpose of the meeting as well as RoI and evaluation. These elements guarantee a meeting culture that encourages participation and assimilation, and also a meeting culture that takes point in departure in supporting the purpose of the meeting, a central part of Meetovation.

The five elements in Meetovation

Meetovation is a whole range of involving and innovative meeting concepts, that all have the below five elements:
- Involvement of the participants
- Physical surroundings
- Responsibility
- Local strengths 

VisitAalborg, Aalborg Congress and Culture Centre and other facilitators to the meeting industry in Aalborg have educated “meetovators” that can advice and direct you on how to organize a meeting or conference upholding the principles of Meetovation. Electronic participant cards, thematic decorations of a venue, group discussions, networking, walk’n’talk, organic food and wellness are just some of the elements in the Meetovation concept.

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Meetovation offers a fantastic range of absorbing and innovative meeting concepts, all of them emphasising five key elements:

- Participation
- The physical setting
- Responsibility
- Evaluation
- Local strengths

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Meetovation - scientifically founded

The thoughts behind Meetovation are deeply rooted in theoretical and scientifical groundings. The Danish Professor Ib Ravn has written a Meetovation white paper (only in Danish) among others, and if you are interested in reading more about supporting theory and scientific articles, please search in the fields of "meeting design", "meeting architecture", "Return on Meeting Investment", "self-determination therory", "learning theory" etc.

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