Guide - Green meetings

As a host for a conference you can with advantage - both in terms of economics, social responsibility and PR - arrange a green and sustainable arrangement. Indicated below, you will find a list of different areas where you can make your arrangement green, sustainable or eco-friendly.

Choice of conference location

  • Conference facilities in walking distance to hotels and the city centre
  • Requirement for catering suppliers in terms of local, ecological or biodynamic food is preferable; 1. Organic, Fair-trade coffee or the, 2. Deliver leftovers to locals, for instance shelters or others
  • Use tap water instead bottled water. Remember to call attention to your particiapnts that the Danish drinking water is clean as some countries and cultures might come from an environment where tap water isn't clean. 
  • Do not use disposable tableware
  • Arrange a waste separation policy, as for instance paper-, plastic-, and plain waste. 
  • Care about electricity consumption at the conference location

Choice of hotel

  • Tell the guest about hotels that have a green profil, are environmental certificated or has a policy in term of this. 

Green paticipants

  • Inform the guest on how you as a ”green conference participant” can for instance turn off the light, TV, AC and heater when you leave the hotel room. 


  • In Aalborg you will find excellent opportunities for public transport with bus, train or city bikes – and does the conference involve more than 200 participants, you can for a fair price buy an Aalborg Business Card which gives you free bus transport in the period of the conference. 
  • Get the conference Official Airline to make an ”airplane travel carbon offsetting program”
  • If you use taxi, make sure to fill the taxi instead of driving more times
  • Offer shuttle busses for social arrangements


  • Make material available electronic
  • No paper trash and no or limited printed material
  • Use a sustainable and eco-friendly conference network for the conference material or use none at all
  • Use Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certified paper without chlorine and 100 percent recycled paper
  • Use printer and coping machine which is energy-marked
  • Use suppliers with a green profile, for instance those who use ink cartridge from vegetables, recycling paper, stone paper or other initiatives 


  • Electronic registrations 
  • Name badge made of recycle paper 
  • If possible, make the participant return their name badge, plastic pockets etc. for recycling
  • Below you will find the so-called CO2-pyramide about the choice of food.

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The CO2-pyramide shows the foods climate stress from farm to fork. Included is also, energy, fertilizer, etc. in the form of CO2-equivalents per kilo foods, where the amount of greenhouse gasses is converted so that there climate stress equals the stress from the CO2. The higher a food product is placed in the pyramide, the more the product per kilo stresses the climate

Click on the CO2-pyramide to download it as a PDF

Green meeting city Aalborg

Green Aalborg

These pages offer suggestions on how to make your meeting or conference sustainable in Aalborg and an introduction to the natural world of Aalborg and North Jutland.
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