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As a conference host, it is an advantage to arrange a green and sustainable meeting, both in relation to economy, social responsibility, and PR. Indicated below, you will find a list of different areas where you can make your arrangement green, sustainable or eco-friendly. Below we have provided a quick guide to how you can aim for a meeting that considers the environment.

Choice of conference location

First step to a green meeting is to take several consideration when choosing your conference location. The following points, you can keep in mind when doing so:

  • Choose conference facilities in walking distance to hotels and the city centre.
  • Set requirements for your choice of catering suppliers, in terms of i.e. local, organic or biodynamic produce. Indications could be:
    • Organic food labels
    • Food waste initiatives
    • Fair trade labels (i.e. for coffee)
  • Use tap water instead bottled water: Remind your participants that the Danish tap water is clean and drinkable, as some might come from countries in which tap water is not clean.
  • Use reusable tableware:
    • Limit the amount of disposable plates, cutlery, cups, etc.
  • Arrange a waste separation policy, as for instance paper-, plastic-, and plain waste. 
  • Consider the electricity consumption at the conference location and look for ways to limit this.

Choice of hotel

With a conference participants in need of accommodation often follows. Aalborg has many options to ensure a green stay:

  • Inform your guests of the many hotels in Aalborg that take sustainability and green environments into consideration. There are several indicators of sustainable initiatives:
    • Green profiles
    • Environmental certificates
    • Environmental policies


Transport can be a big sinner in terms of sustainability but with a few considerations, Aalborg makes it easy to lower your carbon footprint when talking transport:

  • Use public transport; there are great bus connections in and around Aalborg.
    • With more than 200 participants, you can buy an Aalborg Business Card for a fair price, which gives you free bus transport for the duration of the conference.
  • Rent a bike with Donkey Republic or ask your accommodation, if they will rent you one.
  • Get the conference Official Airline to make an ”airplane travel carbon offsetting program”
  • If you use taxi, make sure to fill the taxi instead of taking unnecessary trips.
  • Offer shuttle busses for social arrangements.

If you would like to read more about Aalborg’s green transport, we have provided a more in-depth description: Green transport

Conference material

With a conference, conference material often follows for the participants to keep up with i.e. programs. This often means a lot of waste, a lot of printing, etc. To minimise this, consider the following

  • Make the conference material electronically available
  • Limit paper waste by having no or limited printed material
  • Use a sustainable and eco-friendly conference network for the conference material or use none at all
  • Use Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certified paper without chlorine and 100 percent recycled paper
  • Use printer and copying machines that are energy-marked
  • Use suppliers with a green profile, for instance those who use ink cartridges from vegetables, recycling paper, stone paper or other initiatives.


  • Electronic registrations 
  • Name badges made from recycled paper 
  • If possible, make the participant return their name badge, plastic pockets etc. for recycling

Green paticipants

Whilst there is much for you to consider in terms of sustainability on the physical framework of your meeting, the participants can also help a lot and become a “green conference participant”.

  • It is a good idea to inform the guest on how to become a “green conference participant”. Most want to take care of the environment, but just need a reminder to:
    • turn off the light, that they are not using
    • turn off the TV
    • limit AC use
    • limit water waste
    • Etc.

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