Alexis Diaz - Hippocampo

Alexis Diaz’ piece of art ’Hippicampo’ adorn the wall at Vesterbro 99. The mural adds color to the area and depicts an animal-like creature in transformation. Spot the mural from the parking lot behind Netto

Alexis Diaz was born in Puerto Rico but lives in Florida, from where he travels the world to make street art. He is currently based in Miami, where every wall is a potential canvas for his next drawing. Alexis Diaz only uses paintbrushes to make his impressive murals. He has a clear preference for portraits of animals and especially those who live on the savannah. Here, he mixes the animals with animals from the sea and replaces paws with tentacles and wings with fins. The wealth of details in his work is unsurpassed due to his choice of a brush as the only tool.

The mural was painted during WE AArt 2014.

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Vesterbro 99
9000 Aalborg



Longitude : 9.916228
Latitude : 57.050478