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Why host a conference?

As a conference host there are many reasons and advantages in hosting a conference.

The short-sighted spillover effects

Hosting a conference about positioning. For many hosts the main personal goals for holding a conference is to gain a better and broader network, more exposure, and academic developement. Your institution, organisation, society or company will get an extraordinary chance to position itself to relevant scientists, partners and the industry as the exposure as a conference host - without a doubt - is high. 

The long-sighted spillover effects

The long-sighted spillover effects by hosting a conference are among others, more academic and relevant tasks and new partnerships, better connections to the industry, more influence as well as positioning. Our research findings show that hosting a conference has significant long-sighted effects. A significant awareness established around the host and the institution represented in the mind of the participants attending the conference.

It is a great responsibility and task to undertake the hosting of a conference, and if you have the vision and desire, then we at VisitAalborg will be happy to assists you in hosting your next successful conference. We assist you with bidding for the conference and can offer to help you with the practical handling of the conference. 

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At VisitAalborg we have an in-depth knowledge about what the city of Aalborg has to offer and all the possibilities when hosting a conference here. We would like to share our knowledge with you, so please feel free to contact us for more information. 

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