When Granddad was a Soldier

A visit at ‘Springeren – Maritimt Oplevelsescenter’ and the Aalborg Defence and Garrison Museum is perfect for an exciting day for all children that like submarines, tanks, aircrafts and ships.

Military history activities in Aalborg

At the Aalborg Defence and Garrison Museum, the guide is often dad or granddad, who can tell stories from the days where they wore uniforms.

You can see, touch and hear stories about the tanks, cars, motor cycles, plains and other material from the army, the air force and the police.
The museum buildings are very interesting and of historical value. The museum is actually situated in a huge hangar built as a water airfield during the Occupation in 1940. Furthermore, you will find a command bunker from Second World War.

Near the Aalborg Defence and Garrison Museum you will find ‘Springeren – Maritimt Oplevelsescenter’. This is an exciting experience if you wish to know more about the marine and the people within this field.

Was your granddad in the marine?

If he was, you can refresh the memories by visiting ’Springeren – Maritimt Oplevelsescenter’. The centre has recently reopened after a violent fire, and is now ready to welcome you with all kinds of marine stories and activities.

The museum is named Springeren after its main attraction - the submarine named 'Springeren' (which translates to 'The Jumper' in English).

The submarine has been docked, and you are more than welcome aboard the large vessel. Be the submarine commander for the day and feel the atmosphere from the old submarine. The museum focuses on interaction and the good story, which is why you can try out the sailing simulator and also see an impressive model of the famous RMS Titanic.

An experience that will impress the entire family.

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Aalborg Defence and Garrison Museum

In the largest garrison city of Denmark you find the only museum that exhibits the Danish Total Defence. Furthermore, there are comprehensive exhibitions on the occupation period 1940 – 1945 and on the city of Aalborg as the most important garrison in Denmark through many years.

In a huge hangar from Second World War you will find cars, planes, motorbikes and tanks, and you are welcome to try sitting in most of the vehicles.

Read more about Aalborg Defence and Garrison Museum.

Springeren - Maritimt oplevelsescenter

Aalborg offers a great variety of experiences – one of them is ‘Springeren – Maritimt Oplevelsescenter'.

The museum is named ‘Springeren’ after the main attraction, ‘Springeren’ the submarine. The submarine has been docked where you can climb on board, be the submarine commander and feel the atmosphere. Interaction and the good story are in focus at the centre, where you can test the sailing simulator and see an impressive model of the famous RMS Titanic.

Family on the ferry to Egholm

Family Fun in Aalborg

Aalborg is a perfect place for bringing the family together. While having fun, you can discover the various possibilities of entertainment, challenges and learning.