Weekend Getaway in Aalborg

Nothing beats quality time with your loved ones, and perhaps now is the time to treat your family, your partner and yourself with outstanding experiences in one of Denmark’s most interesting cities, filled with cultural offerings and shopping opportunities.

Welcome to a vibrant city pulsing with atmosphere, attractions and attractive shopping environments. The city is packed with hotels in every size and price range, heaps of cultural experiences, amazing restaurants serving specialties from around the globe, and a unique selection of pubs, bars and cafés.

On this page, you will find inspiration to create a memorable stay in Aalborg. Compose three lovely days in the capital of North Jutland, and prepare to spend an unforgettable and wonderful weekend in Aalborg!


Toldbod Plads

Welcome to one of Denmark’s most interesting cities, filled with cultural offerings and shopping opportunities. Let the great experiences begin!

Begin your stay with a lovely stroll along Aalborg’s beautiful waterfront. Here you will discover that Aalborg is a city in progress: Over the past few years, Aalborg has transformed from a worn-out industrial town to a blossoming center of knowledge and culture. Today you can experience excellent architecture, exciting gastronomy and a cozy urban atmosphere on the waterfront.

Did you bring your family and is the summer sun shining? Then go for a lovely swim in the harbor bath.




Afternoon - feel the cozy atmosphere

Aalborg Waterfront
Take a stroll along Aalborg's beautiful waterfront and feel the cozy urban atmosphere. The waterfront is buzzing with life, and you will find beautiful architecture, green areas and of course an astonishing view of the LImfjord. 

Aalborghus Slot
Buy some icecream and enjoy it in the green park surrounding the castle. Between 8 AM and 9 PM all year round, you can enjoy the wonderful park and even visit the castle's dungeon and the underground passages.

A delicious dinner

Restaurant Fusion i Aalborg

Restaurant Fusion
The waterfront is home to many great restaurants - Restaurant Fusion is one of Aalborg's finest restaurants and in addition to delicious meals, you can enjoy a beautiful view of the Limfjord.

Musikkens Spisehus i Aalborg

Musikkens Spisehus
Musikkens Spisehus is located in the architectural gem The House of Music. Musikkens Spisehus offers a tempting menu, and again you will be able to enjoy the beautiful view of the Limfjord while you eat. 


In the evening - unforgettable experiences

Skråen i Aalborg

Skråen in Nordkraft
A concert or a show at Skråen in Nordkraft is great way of spending your first night in Aalborg.

Musikkens Hus i Aalborg

Musikkens Hus
The House of Music, North Jutland's musical centre and an architectural gem, welcomes you with an outstanding and varied concert program. Enjoy an evening in the stunning building.



Things to do in Aalborg

Aalborg Havnefront

You have the entire day ahead of you, and Aalborg is filled with attractions, events and arrangements for you to bring home in the shape of pleasant holiday memories. How about a trip to Aalborg Zoo where you can see exotic animals from all over the globe? Or perhaps a visit to Springeren, Aalborg Defence and Garrison Museum, Aalborg Historical Museum or Lindholm Høje viking burial ground and museum. During the summer, you can get a view from the top at Aalborg Tårnet.

A wide range of restaurants and cafés are ready to serve you delicious dishes all day.

A visit to Aalborg Congress and Culture Center to catch a show or to Aalborg Theatre is the perfect way to end a pleasurable day in Aalborg. 





Morning and afternoon

Shopping i Aalborg

Shopping spree 
Go on a shopping spree in Aalborg. The city is a paradise for those of us who love shopping.

Aalborg Zoo

Aalborg Zoo
If you brought your family along on the trip, Aalborg Zoo, the most popular attraction in the city, is a must.

Lindholm Høje

Viking experiences
Aalborg  was founded by vikings. Dip into history at Lindholm Høje, the largest viking burial ground in the North, where you will also find a museum and a café. 

A delicious dinner

Restaurant Mortens Kro i Aalborg

Restaurant Mortens Kro
If you feel like spoiling yourself, Restaurant Mortens Kro offers exquisite gastronomical experiences.

Søgaards Bryghus i Aalborg

Søgaards Bryghus & Restaurant
At Søgaards Bryghus, the use of good quality ingredients is central. The menu is exciting, even for children.

Prinses Juliane i Aalborg

Prinses Juliane
Embark on Aalborg's own 'royal' restaurant and enjoy delicious food in beautiful and unique surroundings.


A great evening

Aalborg Kongres og Kultur Center

Concert or show 
A fantastic koncert, a magnificent show or perhaps entertaining stand-up at Aalborg Congress and Culture Center could end up being the highlight of the getaway. 

Aalborg Teater

Great theater experiences
Feel the magic in a packed auditorium where the crowd applauds the talented actors' performances after a spell-gripping play. You could also visit Aalborg's newest theatre, Teater Nordkraft, presenting new and challenging acting across genres, ages and nationalities.





More experiences and goodbye for now

Aalborg Havn

By now, you have probably developed a taste for Aalborg and you still have time before going home. You will probably take your time to enjoy a decent breakfast at your cozy hotel and plan to do a few things before departure – here are a few tips.

One of Aalborg’s architectural masterpieces, The Utzon Center, is definitely worth a visit. The Utzon Center, designed by Jørn Utzon, is a place where architecture, design and art interact with exhibits, teaching, conferences, meetings and culinary experiences.
By now, you will possibly think of Aalborg as a colorful city and to emphasize this, you could conclude your stay with a tour to view Aalborg’s new street art, where well-known artists have left their marks on the city with beautiful murals.

Great day - beautiful sights

Utzon Center Aalborg

Utzon Center
Experience Jørn Utzon's last master piece on Aalborg's waterfront. At the Utzon Center, architecture, design, art and dissemination go.

Street art i Aalborg

Street Art in Aalborg
Several great street art artists have left their mark on Aalborg. Their work creates astonishment among the observers throughout the city. An exciting and engaging public space has been born.


A delicious lunch

Caféministeriet i Aalborg

At Caféministeriet you can enjoy a wide range of dishes based on seasonal produce.

Café KlosterTorvet Aalborg

Café KlosterTorvet
Café KlosterTorvet is a small, charming café located at the heart of Aalborg.  

Restaurant Pingvin i Aalborg

Pingvin - tapas & wine café
Pingvin is one of Aalborg's popular restaurants serving tapas dishes from around the world.

Goodbye and so long!


It is our hope that you have enjoyed your stay here in the metropolis of North Jutland and that you have discovered that Aalborg offers so many experiences that you can't possibly do it all in one short weekend. Therefore, we sincerely hope that you will return some day.

Jens Bangs Stenhus i Aalborg

Didn't have time to see all the attractions you really wanted to see? Then check out our list of attractions and plan your next visit now. 

Did you get to experience an unforgettable concert or a gripping play while you were here? If not, go to our list of Highlights and see future events. 

Thank you for your visit and until next time!

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