Walking distance

Aalborg is a manageable city. An easy place for conference guests to get around in.

Quick and easy

Aalborg is a manageable city. It’s big enough to deal with everything in terms of congresses, meetings and conferences. And it’s the perfect size, when it comes to getting from one place to another.

Many people believe that transfer time is wasted time. In Aalborg it’s easy to minimize wasted time and to get the best out of your stay. You can choose to stroll to your next meeting and see the city on your way there or opt for a bus, a city bike or a taxi and get there in a matter of minutes.

Aalborg has 1500+ hotel rooms, all of them are within walking distance to Aalborg Congress and Culture Centre.

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Facts about short distances

6 daily flight connections between Amsterdam and Aalborg

30 daily flight connections between Copenhagen and Aalborg

10-minute taxi ride from Aalborg Airport to the city centre

20 minutes by bike from Aalborg Airport to the city centre

More than 200 cafées and restaurants in the city center

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