Skagens Gren - the tip of the continent

Unique social events

Unique events for conference guests in authentic settings – history before your very eyes. Give your conference guests an unforgettable experience.

Robbers, Mead, Aquavit and dramatized city walks

Visit beautiful Rold Skov and experience a good-natured raid by the infamous Robbers of Rold. And at Lindholm Høje the Vikings are ready to greet you. At a guided dramatized city walk actors from Aalborg make the past come alive. Or invite your guests to eat your fill in medieval surroundings at DUUS Winecellar, where traditional Danish open-faced sandwiches are served as well as beer or the world famous Aalborg Aquavit.

Meet with Viking Harald Bluetooth

The Viking period played a central role in Aalborg’s history and situated at Denmark’s highest point is Lindholm Høje, Northern Europe’s largest Viking burial site. In collaboration with the Lindholm Høje Museum, we invite you to a historic after-meeting-dinner with Viking Harald Bluetooth himself. This event transports us more than 1,000 years back in time, right back to the period when the Vikings ruled the country.

Gems of the North

Be sure to see something of North Jutland and its beautiful countryside. Drink champagne where the two seas meet at the top of the continent. Visit Lønstrup, a charming fishing village famous for its artwork and handcrafts. Marvel at the golden eagle as it flies over Denmark’s only wilderness.


There are so many things to do in Aalborg, and the Aalborg Beerwalk is one of them. You can set off on an Aalborg Beerwalk at any time of the year. You can bring whoever you want and spend as long as you want. An Aalborg Beerwalk makes the perfect start to a fun afternoon or evening in Aalborg. Treat your guests and yourself to an Aalborg Beerwalk and taste 6 well-poured, special beers in as many as 6 great pubs in the centre of Aalborg. The Aalborg Beerwalk consists of: an Aalborg Beerwalk tasting glass, vouchers for 6 samples of excellent beer, a guide to 9 charming pubs in Aalborg and a competition with great prizes. At each pub, simply present a voucher and they will pour you a sample in your very own tasting glass.

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Social events in Aalborg

Social events

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