Treasures in Aalborg

In Aalborg, you will find many treasures – both in terms of gastronomic treasures that tease all senses, treasures of the animal kingdom, artistic treasures from the many galleries, the architectural gems at the waterfront that reflect in the Limfjord and much more. And of course you will also find something for the precious little ones.

Take a look here and see our selection of treasures in Aalborg…

Utzon Center in Aalborg

Architectural Pearl

Sydney has its world-famous Opera House at the harbour front, designed by Jørn Utzon, and Aalborg has a masterpiece at the harbour front, designed by the same hand. Aalborg is again placed on the international architectural stage with the Utzon Center where art, architecture and design are in focus.

Treasure no. 1
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Delicious food from Aalborg

Gastronomic Treasury

An experience that teases all senses is what we want, when visiting a restaurant. In Aalborg, the gastronomic experiences are many. You will find unique restaurants which all ooze of atmosphere and good experience and where the kitchen puts an effort into making a good taste sensation by the best ingredients!

Treasure no. 2
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Shopping in Aalborg

Hunt for Treasures

Aalborg’s shopping streets offers a wide range of shops with everything your heart desire – clothes, Danish design, tasty coffee, tea and chocolate. If you want something more unique and different, then visit the small side streets where you will find designer shoes as well as the taste of the Northern Jutland.

Treasure no. 3
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Kunsten in Aalborg

Artistic Treasury

Aalborg is a treasury for art and artisan. Visit the many exciting galleries in Aalborg that shows you glass art, paintings, modern art and much more. Remember to visit Kunsten - the Museum of Modern Art which is placed in a beautiful green landscape in the centre of Aalborg and this landscape helps frame their world-class art.

Treasure no. 4
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Aalborg Zoo

Animal Kingdom Diamonds

In Aalborg Zoo you will find good experiences for all ages. As the only place in Denmark, you can meet the mainland’s biggest animal – the African elephant. You can also visit the polar bears from the Greenlandic Fjord, get close to the Siberian tiger or the animals on the African savannah and see the many other fascinating animals.

Treasure no. 5
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Familiy fun in Aalborg

For the Precious Little Ones

Aalborg is full of holiday experiences for both children and adults. Whether you want to experience the wild animals with speed and excitement or you want to experience how people lived in the good old days, Aalborg has it all for the whole family. And when the weather is good, then visit the child-friendly beaches at Aalborg Coast.

Treasure no. 6
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Lindholm Høje

The Vikings' Golden Age in Aalborg

In Aalborg you will find the finest prehistoric memories of the North – found under a thick layer of sand which has hidden this treasure for millenniums. At Lindholm Høje, graves and a village from the Germanic Iron Age and Viking Age have been found. Lindholm Høje tells the exciting history about the everyday life from the Viking Age.

Treasure no. 7
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Aalborg Coast

The Island Kingdom – a True Gem

Have you ever enjoyed a day at the beach, on your own little island, surrounded by small waves and light wind? On the coast by Hals you will find Denmark’s best beaches and as Kattegat swept sand and gravel into the beach, more and more small islands appear.  So why wait – plan now to conquer your own island this summer.

Treasure no. 8
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