Top attractions in Aalborg

Top attractions in Aalborg

Check out the list of the most popular attractions in Aalborg...

New York Times anbefaler Aalborg

New York Times features Aalborg

Aalborg ranks number 8 on the New York Times list "52 Places to Go in 2019"

Restaurants in Aalborg

Restaurants in Aalborg

Have a taste of Aalborgs best restaurants

Lindholm Høje - viking burial grounds and museum in Aalborg

Meet the Vikings in Aalborg

In Aalborg you will find one of Scandinavia’s best preserved Viking finds – dug out from a thick layer of sand which has kept the secrets of Lindholm Høje for thousands of years.

Hightlights in Aalborg

Highlights in Aalborg

Aalborg is the capital of Northern Jutland - and this is where it happens! Check out our list with the biggest and most interesting events.

Family on the ferry to Egholm

Family Fun in Aalborg

Aalborg is a perfect place for bringing the family together. While having fun, you can discover the various possibilities of entertainment, challenges and learning.

Street Art in Aalborg

Street Art in Aalborg

Experience the beautiful Street Art that adorns the walls around Aalborg City

Familly enjoying the beach on the east coast

Experience North Denmark

North Jutland is the Danes' holiday destination of choice. You can experience the North Sea to the west, Kattegat to the east and in between you find Limfjorden. And between these two seas you will find a wide range of activities for everyone.