Take the bus

Forget about driving in heavy traffic, just jump on a bus and relax as you are taken to whereever you want to go...

Nordjyllands Trafikselskab operates locally in the region and runs an extensive network of local buses in Aalborg. There are also long distance bus routes that link Aalborg with Copenhagen, Odense, Esbjerg and other major cities in Denmark as well as Europe.

Local buses in Aalborg and regional buses in North Jutland
Nordjyllands Trafikselskab operates the local Aalborg buses as well as the regional buses that take you around North Jutland.
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Express bus routes
In Denmark you will find a number of express bus routes between the larger cities as well as bus connections to the rest of Europe. So there is no reason not to visit the areas that fit your interests...
Aalborg - Copenhagen - Abildskou
Frederikshavn - Aalborg - Esbjerg - Thinggaard Express
Aalborg - Copenhagen - Rødbillet

Travel planning with bus and train
On the web site Travel planning, you can plan your trip around Denmark, whether you are travelling by bus or train or a combination of the two.
Plan your trip to Aalborg at Rejseplanen.dk...

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