Sustainable dining

Aalborg offers many great choices for eating out. With those many options, you will find that most restaurants in Aalborg focus on cooking with either local or organic produce, as well as reducing food waste.

Several restaurants are marked with the organic food label to guarantee the consumer a certain percentage of organic produce. Moreover, many restaurants participate in the international campaign to fight food waste and are part of the TooGoodToGo app, which provides a free platform where restaurants can sell any leftover food at the end of the day, as opposed to throwing it away. Besides these initiatives, individual restaurants are taking other initiatives to fight for sustainability and green concepts. These could be trying to reduce energy consumption in their production, reduction of water consumption and water waste, etc. Several restaurants are also marked with the Refood label and are, in order to have this label, for example shredding their food and sending them to biogas plants that convert the food to bio mass.

Noticeably, when searching for a place to eat in Aalborg you need not look far to find a restaurant, which takes the environment seriously. These initiatives are luckily growing and more and more of the city’s restaurants are eagerly taking care of our environment, whilst providing us with great culinary choices.

Organic eatery label

Though many restaurants and cafés in Aalborg often have several organic choices, they are not all marked with the organic eatery label to assure you of a certain level of guarantee. To give you a better overview of Aalborg’s cafés and restaurants, that are marked by the organic eatery label and can therefore assure you of this, we have provided a list of them below:

Gold (90-100% organic produce)


Silver(60-90% organic produce)

Café Bonden Aalborg

Bronze (30-60% organic produce)

DGI-Huset Nordkraft


Huset, Café

Comwell Hvide Hus

Airport Hotel Aalborg


The Too Good To Go App is a Danish initiative with a mission to reduce food waste, worldwide. It does this by allowing food businesses (restaurants, grocery stores, etc.) to sell their leftover food that will otherwise be thrown away. If you would like to see Too Good To Go options near you, you can download the App here: Too Good To Go

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