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When it comes to sustainability Denmark is a frontrunner and is in fact in second place, globally, in terms of implementing FN’s world aims for sustainability. Aalborg contributes greatly to this position. Two important European sustainability documents even bear the city’s name: the Aalborg Charter from 1994 and the Aalborg Commitments from 2004. Aalborg is also heavily involved in the Sustainable Cities campaign, which is managed by in ICLEI (Local Governments for Sustainability) in collaboration with the Basque Region.

Aalborg’s approach to sustainability is very holistic: besides focusing on circular economy, waste management, the transitioning of the energy systems, sustainable construction and sustainable industry, Aalborg is committed to individuals having a good life. According to the European Commission’s annual survey, its citizens have repeatedly named Aalborg the ‘Happiest City in Europe’.

Aalborg is the capital of Northern Denmark, an area that is generally a frontrunner in a number of areas. These include pre-insulated pipe systems for district heating, biogas plants, solar power plants, geothermic heating plants and district cooling, as well as research in wind power electronics. Aalborg University constitutes an exceptional source of knowledge when it comes to research, teaching and software development within the energy and environmental sector.

To have your event in Aalborg means that the idea of hosting a green and sustainable event becomes a reality!

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Aalborg is a great city when it comes to venues that focus on sustainability and protection of the environment
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