Explore Aalborg - and find the city packed with street art by international and local artists!
With a past as a typical grey industrial city, Aalborg has transformed into a centre of science, arts and culture. This is evident when beholding the architectural gems that are gradually arising in the skyline of Aalborg. The Utzon Centre, Musikkens Hus (The House of Music) and Nordkraft are all standing as a manifest of the rapid development that Aalborg has gone through.

Aalborg – from grey to colourful
In the wake of the blooming of Aalborg, another matter is indicating a break with industrial past – the grey concrete is being colourised. Several galleries and private entrepreneurs have put a lot of effort into the project, especially in relation to attracting great, international street artists to the city, for instance El Mac and Morten Andersen.

Share your street art
When you use the hash tag #streetartaalborg on Instagram your picture will appear on this site. There, you can also see which murals other Instagrammers have found around the city.

Street Art in Absalonsgade in Aalborg

Absalonsgade - BETZ

Experience the mural ”Meeting her Parents” by the young Polish artist BETZ.

Street Art in Aalborg

Alexander Foss Gade - Hyuro

The artist Hyuro created this mural at the former eternit area. 

Tristan Eaton in Aalborg

Alexander Foss Gade - Tristan Eaton

Discover Tristan Eaton's incredible mural 'Fred'.

El Mac in Aalborg

Annebergvej - El Mac

Experience El Mac's "Purity of the Heart.

Guido van Helten i Aalborg

Dannebrogsgade - Wes21 og Onur

"Big Catch" was made by the two Swiss artists Wes21 and Onur.

Street Art in Aalborg M-City

Egholmsgade - M-City

Discover a mural by M-City in Egholmsgade.

Interesni Kazki Aalborg

Holbergsgade - Interesni Kazki

Interesni Kazki is a Ukrainian duo. 

Street Art in Aalborg

Jernbanegade - Don John

Experience Don John's 'Characters'.

Street Art in Aalborg

Jernbanegade - Miss Take

Experience a mural by Miss Take.

Kastetvej - Don John

The Danish artist Don John

Street Art i Aalborg

Kastetvej - Jeppe K. Jensen

Discover the mural "Ejnar" at Kastetvej.

Street Art in Aalborg

Kastetvej - Liqen

Experience street art by the Spanish artist Liqen at Kastetvej.

The London Police street art in Aalborg

Kastetvej - The London Police

Experience a mural by The London Police.

Street Art in Aalborg

Kastetvej - Okuda og Antonyo

Experience a mural made by Okuda and Antonyo

Li-Hill in Aalborg

Kattesundet - Li-Hill

Experience a mural by Li-Hill at Kattesundet.

Street Art in Aalborg

Kattesundet - PichiAvo

This colorful piece was created by the Spanish duo PichiAvo.

Phlegm street art in Aalborg

Klokkestøberens Vandgyde - Phlegm

Experience Phlegm's mural in Aalborg.

Street Art in Aalborg

Ladegaardsgade - TONE / SEPE

Experience 'Mayday Mayday' by TONE/SEPE in Ladegaardsgade.

Street Art in Aalborg

Limfjordsbroen - Beau Stanton

Experience Beau Stanton's impressive mural.

Street Art in Aalborg

Limfjordsbroen - Eine

Experience 'Disasters' by Ben Eine.

Aryz Aalborg

Lindholmssti - Aryz

Spanish Aryz and his contribution to WEart Festival 2014.

Street Art in Aalborg

Lindholmsti - Ciredz

Experience street art by Ciredz.

Mural on the Hedegaard silo in Aalborg

Nordre Havnegade - Søren Elgaard

Find the largest mural in Denmark in Nørresundby.

Street Art in Nørregade in Aalborg

Nørregade - David Walker

The artist David Walker has created this beautiful piece in Nørregade.

Esther Sarto street art in Aalborg

Reberbansgade - Esther Sarto

Experience a mural by Danish artist Esther Sarto.

Nychos street art in Aalborg

Reberbansgade - Nychos

Experience “Translucent Medusa / Head of the Serpent Woman” by Nychos.

Fintan Magee Aalborg

Sankt Hans Gade - Fintan Magee

Street Art by Australian Fintan Magee.

Street art by Mak:vrk in Aalborg

Sankt Hans Gade - Mak:vrk

Experience a mural by Mak:vrk - an artistic duo.

Street Art in Aalborg

Slotspladsen - Nevercrew

Experience Nevercrew's mural in Aalborg.

Escif Aalborg

Sankelmarksgade - Escif

Here you can see the StreetArt by Spanish born Escif.

Axel Void street art in Aalborg

Søndergade - Axel Void

Experience the mural "Hygge" by Axel Void in Søndergade.

Street Art in Aalborg

Tiendeladen - Claus Frederiksen

Experience street art by the Danish artist Claus Frederiksen.

Street Art in Aalborg

Tiendeladen - Morten Andersen

Experience street art by the Danish artist Morten Andersen.

Cyrcle street art in Aalborg

Urbansgade/Vesterbro 77 - Cyrcle

Experience the mural "Return" by Cyrcle.

Okuda street art in Aalborg

Vendelbogade - Okuda

Experience Okuda's mural "Mother Earth".

Alexis Diaz Aalborg

Vesterbro - Alexis Diaz

Alexis Diaz was in Aalborg as a part of the WEart Festival.

Agostino Street Art in Aalborg

Vestre Fjordvej - Agostino Iacurci

Experience the mural "Three Wheels" by Italian artist Agostino Iacurci.