Souvenirs from Aalborg

Souvenirs from Aalborg

In Aalborg you can find great souvenirs in almost every shop.

We recommend Danish design. Lego can be bought in all toy stores and department stores. Holmegård Glass, Stelton, Royal Copenhagen, Georg Jensen and many other well-known designs can be found in home interior shops and department stores.

In Nørregade you can find the workshop of one of the city's glass artists, Lene Højlund,  where you can see how glass, bowls and other unique items are made. In the charming old street Hjelmerstald you can find Lange Kunsthåndværk – ceramic and glass. Vibeke Nøddebo, Jens Bangs Gade, creates beautiful jewellery. Glasværkstedet Helle E too offers many beautiful works of art made of glass.

Aalborg is known as the city of the 'snaps' - you can buy a bottle of Aalborg Akvavit in any supermarket and at the wine merchants you can find an entire 'gallery' of aquavit - each one different from the others. If you wish to enjoy your drink from real aquavit glasses, these can be found in any home interior shops.

In the Land of Vikings, it is of course also possible to buy mead (a sweet honey drink) as well as viking jewellery at the viking museum at Lindholm Høje.

Aalborg Zoo also offers a wide range of souvenirs.


Beautiful postcards with motifs of Denmark and the Royal Family can be bought at the post office and in some book shops.

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VisitAalborgs InfoCentres

You can buy postcards and souvenirs in VisitAalborg's InfoCentres.

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Kjellerups Torv 5, Kedelhallen
9000 Aalborg

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Torvet 7
9370 Hals

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Sølyst Camping & Hytteferie
Løgstørvej 2
9240 Nibe

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Lille VildmoseCentret
Vildmosevej 16
9280 Storvorde

Shopping in Aalborg

Aalborg is like a box of chocolates - one titbit after another pops up! The same applies to Aalborgs shopping life. Aalborg is a pure party for the senses - and the shopping gene!