Sightseeing in Aalborg

Aalborg has a lot to offer when it comes to sightseeing – for the person who enjoys history, a fast pace, fun for the children, etc.. Go sightseeing in Aalborg and experience an exciting city…

Guided tour in Aalborg Monastery

In Aalborg Monastery, also known as the Monastery of the Holy Ghost, the tourist guides of Aalborg will give you a guided tour and tell you about the interesting history of the monastery. Among other things, you will visit the chapter house of the monastery, which has fine frescos from the period of 1512 to 1520.

The monastery is hidden in the center of Aalborg and holds many great stories from the time when munks and nuns were living here, when the monastery functioned as a grammar school, or later during World War II, when the monastery provided shelter for the Churchill Club resistance cell.

Time and date:

5.07-18.08 2016: Tuesdays and Thursdays at 14:00
Languages: Danish and English
Place: Aalborg Monastery, entrance from C. W. Obels Plads
Price: 50 DKK, children (ages 0-12) can enter free of charge – tickets are sold by the guide

Guided tours in Aalborg

The opportunities are endless when it comes to tours and walks in Aalborg and its environs. On the guide association’s webpage, you can find suggestions for tours such as city walks, day trips, indoor guided tours in numerous historical buildings and much more. For further information, please visit the webpage of The Association of Qualified Authorized Tourist Guides in Aalborg

Guided tours at the the Chemist’s Collection in Jens Bang's House

You have the opportunity of experiencing the exclusive Chemist’s Collection exhibition at the top floor of Jens Bang’s House. At this exhibition you will see the different instruments and methods used in manufacturing medicine in the 17th century. On the guided tour, you will hear stories of life in Jens Bang’s house and in the Swan Pharmacy through more than 350 years.

Read more about the Chemist’s Collection in Jens Bang’s house

Public guided tour on Saturdays at 13:00 in the summer period 2016. Read more at Aalborg Historical Museum's website.

An idea for a stroll in the Good Old Aalborg

At VisitAalborg’s InfoCenter in Nordkraft, you can get the free brochure “Good Old Aalborg” which gives you two suggestions for self-guided strolls in the old quarters of Aalborg – an exciting and educative brochure from which you will get a great experience. You will be led to charming streets with bumpy cobblestones, small half-timbered houses and through hidden alleys.

Go for a run at Aalborg Waterfront while listening to Podruns

A running sightseeing at Aalborg Waterfront while listening to Danish Architecture Centre’s Podruns on your iPhone is the perfect way to gain an insight into the development of the waterfront.

Sightseeing for the thirsty ones with Aalborg Beerwalk

Aalborg Beerwalk is the perfect way to start a lovely afternoon or evening in Aalborg with family, friends or colleagues. When you purchase the Beerwalk, you get an exclusive Aalborg Beerwalk tasting glass and 6 vouchers. When you turn in a voucher in of the pubs, the bartender will pour you a beer of your choice in your tasting glass. It is up to you whether you choose to visit all the pubs, or if you use more vouchers at the same pub. The Aalborg Beerwalk consists of: an exclusive Aalborg Beerwalk tasting glass, vouchers for 6 samples of great beer, a guide to 9 lovely pubs of Aalborg and a competition with great prices. The main prize is a VIP-trip to London for 2 persons along with the pub managers of Aalborg Beerwalk. Among other things, the trip includes a visit to the famous Fuller’s brewery. The price of the Aalborg Beerwalk is 125 DKK, and it can be purchased at various hotels, Salling and InfoCenter Aalborg, KjellerupsTorv 5, 9000 Aalborg.

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Sailing on Limfjorden

With MS Kysten you can experience a fresh sail on Limfjorden all summer long. For more information on departure, see the timetables of this summer’s harbour trip

Guided tours (prior booking is required)

Book a guided tour on Lindholm Høje

A guided tour on Lindholm Høje - a viking burial site and museum - can be booked for 500 DKK. Duration: approx 1 hour. You need to make your reservation 4 days prior to the guided tour. The Lindholm Høje Museum can be contacted at tel. +45 99 31 74 40.

Read more about the Vikings at Lindholm Høje...

Book a guided tour at Springeren Maritime Center

A guided tour at Springeren Maritime Center can be booked for 500 DKK. Duration: approx 1½ - 2 hours.

Read more about Springeren Maritime Center... 

Book a guided tour at Aalborg Defence- and Garrison Museum

A guided tour at Aalborg Defence- and Garrison Museum can be booked for 400 DKK. Duration: approx 1½ hours.

Read more about Aalborg Defence- and Garrison Museum... 

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