White-Tailed Eagle in Lille Vildmose

See the White-Tailed Eagle in Lille Vildmose

After almost 100 years of absence, Northern Europe’s largest bird of prey, the White Tailed Eagle is breeding again in North Jutland. A couple of these magnificent birds have raised a chick from a nest in Lille Vildmose.

The White-Tailed Eagle in North Jutland 

The White-Tailed Eagle with its wing span of two and a half meters is breeding again in North Jutland after nearly150 years. One couple is nesting in Lille Vildmose, where they have raised a chick. In the summer, the chick will learn what it means to be one of the biggest hunters in Danish nature. 

The White-Tailed Eagle at Tofte Sø Tower

The couple have set base in a tree in Tofte forrest not far from Tofte Sø (Tofte Lake). This location is most likely chosen because of the special nature around Tofte Lake, where a colony of cormorants also lives. The cormorant functions as an important source of nourishment for the White-Tailed Eagle, so the Tofte Sø Tower is the perfect place to observe the giant birds. The eagles may also be spotted from the East Coast, especially between Øster Hurup and Dokkedal where they often hunt. 

Two types of eagles

Lille Vildmose is the only natural resort in Denmark to host both the White-Tailed and the Golden Eagle. The Golden Eagle has bred in Lille Vildmose for 12 years, but the White-Tailed Eagle is a new and welcome addition. The reappearance of the White-Tailed Eagle occurs almost 100 years after the species disappeared from the region.

Eagle history

The last time the White-Tailed Eagle was known to nest in North Jutland was in 1912 – this was only about 6 kilometers from Lille Vildmose, where the White Eagle breeds today.

In 1800th century North Jutland, the White-Tailed Eagle would breed in several places in North Jutland, but along with various other bird species it was extinct from the area by use of poison, traps and hunting. The large birds of prey were thought to impose on the resources of farmers and hunters.

Today it is a well known fact that birds of prey are indispensible contributors to wild nature, because they as the final link of the food chain clean up by feeding on carcasses. Additionally, they help keep the population of smaller birds healthy by feeding on the weakest individuals.

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Star attractions in Lille Vildmose

In VisitAalborg's InfoCenter you can find the small brochure called "Stjernepunkter i Lille Vildmose. It will guide you through the good vantage points in the area where you can experience the magnificent landscape and get up close and personal with the animals. 

Fly like an eagle in Lille Vildmosecentret

Lille Vildmose has recently built a new experience center, making the old bog come alive for you as a visitor. The center includes the history of the bog as well as animals and plants. There is also an exploratorium where you can get your hands into the bog and its animals. You can see films - and take a flight in an eagle simulator, while being shown the bog in a birds perspective. And much more! The center has a nice café with a great view over the bog.

Read more on Lille Vildmose's website

Høstmark tower

Rovfugl i Lille Vildmose

The Høstmark tower provides optimal conditions for experiencing the large danish eagles and see the beautiful nature that is Lille Vildmose.


The Raptor tower

Have a unique vinter experience when the birds in Lille Vildmose are fed with butcher's waste on a platform next to Rovfugletårnet (The Raptor Tower). The largest guests are the eagles, but ravens, common buzzards and rough-legged buzzards also join the feast.

Read more about the Raptor Tower and the feeding

Tofte Forest and Bog

Tofte Forest, measuring 500 hectares is among the largest, unbroken nature forests in Denmark. 

Tofte Bog is the southern part of the original raised bog and covers about 2000 hectares. This is where the red deer and roe deer forage in the winter, and in the summer, birds such as the crane use the area as breeding ground.

Tofte Forest and Bog

Tofte Tower

The golden eagle in Lille Vildmose

Danish Wilderness - Lille Vildmose

Believe it or not, just a half-hour drive from bustling Aalborg a piece of Danish wilderness is located. The area is called 'Lille Vildmose', which means 'little wild bog on the heath.'