See the Golden Eagle in Lille Vildmose

“The encounter with a golden eagle in Lille Vildmose was an unforgettable experience. It was like being blessed by nature itself”, writes Jens Olesen, author, lecturer, and one of Denmark’s best-known radio and TV characters in the field of nature and animal life.

"I had visited many of Denmark's most beautiful nature areas, before I visited Lille Vildmose - the Little Wild Bog - and I must admit that I had low expectations. And I think I know why; it is hard to photograph the beauty of a raised bog. So you have no pictures of what to prepare yourself for. It is only when you first get there that you realize it. In fact, I doubt I can describe it in words. But I will try."

“There is a tower, the Høstemark Tower, one can visit to watch birds chase their prey, but the first time I visited it, nothing happened. I just stood there and looked out over the flat bog on an cloudy afternoon, and all was still and quiet. When I climbed down the stairs, I felt empty inside, but something must have attracted me, because I went back. The next time I stood in the same tower at Høstemark was a September afternoon. Dusk crept over the bog. I was all alone, and it was so quiet that my solitude was almost oppressive. Now, I knew that golden eagles are often seen at Lille Vildmose, so of course I asked myself ‘I wonder where the eagle is?’. I was pretty certain, however, that I would get no answer. In the distance, some crows were calling, and I could make them out through my binoculars, just over the treetops.”

The golden eagle appeared!

"Then suddenly, a colossal raptor alighted, lifting itself up on heavy wings through the crows. The golden eagle appeared! It was like being blessed by nature itself; here I was all alone and being honoured by the sight of the most majestic bird, you can see in Denmark. And that's not all. Shortly after, another golden eagle arose over the treetops among the little group of crows, which flapped and squabbled all around the two raptors. Maybe it lasted two minutes. Maybe only 30 seconds. It hardly matters, because I will never forget that great experience and I will almost certainly visit the tower again. If for no other reason, to relive my meeting with the golden eagle in my memories".

Visit Lille Vildmosecentret

"Visit Lille Vildmose! It is located only 25 kilometers from Aalborg and I would recommend you to head directly towards Lille Vildmosecentret in between Kongerslev and Dokkedal. Why? Obviously because it gives you the perfect opening prayer for the bog. The thing is there are no experiences guaranteed in this unique piece of Danish nature. Maybe you will catch a glimpse of the Golden Eagle at Høstemark or the wild boar in Tofte Forest. Maybe you will even hear the red deer roar on a late September evening."

"In the centre located at the bog you can watch films, see exhibits and interactive panoramas of nature, making the nature of the bog and animals come alive in front of you. This is where I should mention the flight: In the centre you can take a flight over the entire area in a simulator that makes you feel like the Golden Eagle itself, whizzing over the bog on patrol. You will see the landscape beneath you, hear the sound of the wind and feel the maneuvers on your body. The only thing you will have to do without are the bullying crows. However, you can probably find them afterwards outside in the real bog."

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Star attractions in Lille Vildmose

In VisitAalborg's InfoCenter you can find a small brochure called "Stjernepunkter i Lille Vildmose", which will guide you to the good vantage points in the area where you can experience the magnificent landscape and get close to the animals.


Rovfugl i Lille Vildmose

Høstemarktårnet provides optimal conditions for experiencing the large danish eagles and see the beautiful nature that is Lille Vildmose.


The Raptor tower

Have a unique vinter experience when the birds in Lille Vildmose are fed with butcher waste on a platform next to Rovfugletårnet (The Raptor Tower). The largest guests are the eagles, but  ravens, common buzzards and rough-legged buzzards also join the feast. 

Read more about the Raptor Tower and the feeding

Tofte Forest and Bog

Tofte Forest, measuring 500 hectares are among the largest, unbroken nature forests in Denmark. 

Tofte Bog is the southern part of the original raised bog and covers about 2000 hectares. This is where the red deer and roe deer forage in the winter and in the summer birds such as the crane use the area as breeding ground.

Tofte Forest and Bog

Tofte Tower 

Toftesø Tower

Active holidays in Aalborg

Active holidays

There is no lack of possibilities for experiences in the outdoors when visiting Aalborg and Aalborg Coast.