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Seductive shopping in Aalborg

Aalborg is a party for the senses - and the shopping gene. Join your girlfriends on a trip of shopping, enjoying, relaxing and experiencing and go home with a feeling of being made into a princess by the city of Aalborg. Christin Lund Storstein is one of Norways more renowned travel journalists. She took a couple of her friends to Aalborg for a 3-day holiday and they loved it.

It doesn't matter that the small work of art of a turquoise frog with a crown on its head doesn't turn into a prince when I kiss him...

I have already gotten my "Prince" by getting accquainted with a new town - and allowing myself to be seduced. A town that will always be there for you and never let you down or be late: Aalborg truly is the town for "princesses on new adventures" - or rather, the girlfriends who wants to fill their bags with adventure in just a few days.  

This is where the shopping princess, the party princess, the gourmet princess, the café princess and the spa princess will be considered.
And everything came true. We went home with a better version of ourselves; with newly smittened eyes, party dresses and a wedding dress in shiny bags with silk ribbon. 

My friend is getting married, so our trip to Aalborg was a shopping trip as well as a party trip - almost like a three-day bachelor party.

However, we don't need an excuse like that to come back. No, it is enough with a wish of shopping in a place where it is not just large department stores but rather small, personal specialty stores, which offers something you can't find anywhere else. In addition, we want shopping to be an experience instead of a race.

Treasure hunting in personal stores

It was early morning when we ented North Jutlands Aalborg, right where Limfjorden stretches, shiny and blue. The white clouds reflected in the water with the promise of a great day.

Okay! Whether we had a black belt or gold medal in shopping, we had to eat first. No question about it. We ate a solid and lovely lunch at the micro brewery called Søgaards Bryghus on CW Obels Plads.
Since they served food from the modern danish kitchen based on the seasons delicious produce, it would keep us for a while. Shopping is hard, you know. We had a longtable all to ourselves with lid candles, beautiful glass art on the walls and the option of looking at the brewery's production up close and personal. Naturally we also drank some beer - light as well as dark from the copper boiler in the basement. 

After walking between old houses and the monastery, we experienced sort of a "Middle Ages" feeling, which made the shopping more cosy than when we normally shop; quick and effecient in large department stores packed with shops.

Everything was different here. The small shops with a wealth of specialty items were like beads on a string, waiting to service you. If it wasn't for the latest fashion items in the store, it was just like going back in time. 

Specialty jewelery while we waited...

With our girlfriends impending wedding, the shops we spent the most time in was with shoes, dresser and jewelery.

Being dressed by the lovely ladies in "Chiffon" in Algade, we all sighed together, "You really look like a princess!". The store has made party dresses in tulle, silk and beautiful fabric from Turkey their trade mark.

We had an entertaining hour amongst yards and yards of dress racks, thich read carpets and chandeliers. At "Luxus" in Nørregade they had amazing evening dresses at affordable prices. Our "princess transformation" had begun...

Continuing our adventure, we had to find jewelery for our dresses. Next to "Chiffon" is the jewelery store and work shop, "Athena". In here we met a greek/danish family and a father and daughter who designed the jewelery themselves. From 300 DKK and up, they would make any jewelery you would like. Therefore we got the perfect jewelery for our dresses, our colors, face and body. Amazing! We could pick up the jewelery after a day of shopping. You can get the same offer at "Luxus".

Try the princess' favorite shoes

Not only did we try exclusive shoes from among others, Versace, Roberto Cavalli and Missoni (with up to 60% discount!!) at Kenza in Østerågade. Another great "shoe experience" were still waiting for us.

By Carøe Shoes & Bags in Vesterå sells danish and spanish bags and shoes. Among others, they sell Princess Marys favorite brand - danish "Mermades".

The owner asked if we would like to come back in the evening. That way we could get a glass of wine while we tried on shoes for the dresses. All the shoes has been carefully selected by the owners sister, who is a designer herself in Italy with great connections.

We went back to the hotel and dropped off our bags before we went to "Harmonie Spa". In the lovely rooms and with relaxing music, we enjoyed a water massage, body peeling and a manicure of or nails.

After our treatment, we went back to By Carøe Shoes & Bags, where we were seated in a deep, comfortable leather couch and gave the owner our feet in the best Cinderella-style. Luckily we all found shoes that fit and along with a glass of red wine, we left the store in a great mood. 

The night life was waiting, but first we were served with gourmet cooking at one of the city's best restaurants. Many hours later when the four party princesses were leaning on each other on their way home, dreaming about 100 years of slumber, it was great that it was sunday the next morning!

The big shopping finale

Sundays are not too shabby in Aalborg either. We started with a late Brunch at "Caféministeriet" and continuted visiting some of the city's many galleries. We wanted to save our energy to the next day, which would be the great "shopping finale". There were so many great and unique little shops in store for us that we almost didn't have time to eat.

However, walking into "Penny Lane" at Boulevarden, which is a combined café and store specialising in wine, bread and delicious delicacies, our senses were once again tickled.

We filled a couple of bags with homemade pesto, honey-glased nuts, olive tapenade and tempting cheeses.

Besides the two bags, we got a paperbag with a nice, soft foccacia bread, baked with basil and sea salt. The edges were dipped in the most delicious olive oil - and we savoured every bite.

The princess' "Tea of Memory"

At "Loftet" in Vesterå, we found the latest in danish and international fashion and in "Ilse Jacobsen" in Gravensgade we also found beautiful designer merchandise. "Hanne Øvad" on Nytorv has a large selection of danish design. You will also find designer outfits in size 44 here. "Møhge And Maude" in Nørregade was also an interesting acquaintance. 

We also had to take home a little bit of interior. We found a lot of great items at "Kalejdoskop" in Møllegade and "De 4 årstider" in Nørregade.

Before going home, there were two thing, we had to have... homemade chocolate from the small chocolate house "Summerbird", which has a store in Algade - and "Princess Mary Tea" from Aalborgs oldest (over 100 years) coffee and tea house called "Kronen" right next door.

The specially mixed tea, which is as popular as the princess herself is among other things comprised of mango and vanilla.

It would make an excellent "Tea of Memory" for us four princesses, when we return back to the ordinary days. 

However, the heart and crown we left in Aalborg...

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Shopping in Aalborg

Aalborg is like a box of chocolates - one titbit after another pops up! The same applies to Aalborgs shopping life. Aalborg is a pure party for the senses - and the shopping gene!