Reviving Romance in Aalborg

Most people love a nice surprise – especially if the surprise is well planned, by the person who loves you the most and knows what you like.

Helping along romance

Surprises come in many shapes and forms – what is important, is the thought you put into planning it. If you want to surprise your boyfriend or girlfriend with a great experience, and if you want that experience to be remembered for years to come, because of the effort you put into planning it – in other words, if you want to your partner to fall in love with you once again, we are happy to help you along. We will provide tips and ideas for romantic experiences and romantic surroundings – the romantic moments are yours to create.

Love of food

A romantic dinner for two. Candle light, music and roses on the table. Amazing food, attentive waiters and beautiful surroundings. Below you will find inspiration for romantic restaurants in Aalborg.
Mortens Kro is one of Aalborg’s finest restaurants. Here, you will experience excellent service and outstanding food. The restaurant is decorated in a modern New York style, so if your boyfriend or girlfriend likes ‘Sex and the City’, this is the place to go. Even though Paris is The City of Love, French food can also be enjoyed in Aalborg. At Bistro 59, the atmosphere is intimate and relaxed. The restaurant serves dishes from the traditional French cuisine and exciting specials, so if you want to experience authentic French food in a relaxed setting, Bistro 59 is the place for you. Bienvenue!

The Limfjord is your garniture

Fusion is one of the most popular restaurants in Aalborg, located on the waterfront with a fantastic view of Limfjorden. Book a table by the window, and plan your visit, so you can watch the sunset together. If you prefer to dine on the water, visit the floating gourmet restaurant Prinses Juliana. You will not come across a more romantic restaurant ship anywhere else. Begin your evening with a glass of champagne and a chocolate covered strawberry on deck before enjoying a beautiful gourmet meal. Or visit Restaurant JØRN at the Utzon Center or Musikkens Spisehus in the House of Music: Both are excellent restaurants with unlimited views of the fjord and the sunset. Is this not exactly, what you are looking for? Have a look at our list of all the restaurants and cafés in Aalborg

Music is a must

Two strangers meet during an intimate live concert and they fall in love. You can meet each other all over again, and discover why you fell in love in the first place. In Aalborg you will find a number of small and intimate concert venues perfect for creating romantic moments - just the two of you. Have a look at our list of live concert venues. If you are looking for something larger and greater – a show you will remember for years to come – have a look at our event list. Perhaps your romantic weekend should revolve around an extraordinary once in a life time experience.

Strolling through the city

Spend your time being together, leave every day chores at home, and act as if you just fell in love. Take a stroll through the old streets in Aalborg’s Hjelmerstald, visit Lange kunsthåndværk at their arts and crafts shop, kiss the frog – or maybe just each other on the kissing bench. Bring a cup of coffee from one of the many take away coffee shops and enjoy it together in one of Aalborg’s quiet oases such as Aalborg Klosterhave. Study the beautiful architecture and explore the city on your own. In Aalborg there is always something to look at, while you walk hand in hand through the city - such as the Utzon Center or Kunsten. Perhaps you will enjoy a trip to Aalborg Zoo? It is easy to find wonderful cultural experiences in Aalborg, because Aalborg is naturally cultural.

Go green

Spend time together and rediscover each other. In Aalborg you have endless possibilities, and the experiences are all waiting for you to explore them. If you want to challenge each other, perhaps mountain biking is the way to go? If you enjoy long walks, explore Aalborg’s many parks and natural resorts. Perhaps you would like to try a new sport such as geocaching or just enjoy a picnic basket under a clear blue sky.

It takes action

The best days together are the days filled with laughter and significant moments. But when she is trying to win him over, it takes action. Give him – and yourself – a challenge. You could try gocarts, perhaps as a competition where the winner receives a foot massage or gets breakfast in bed. If he is into water action, Limfjorden offers a number of possibilities. Try kayaking, or one of the fast RIB-IT Boats, enjoy a sightseeing tour on the water. During winter when the Christmas lights are on, there is nothing more romantic than the outdoor skating range at C.V. Obels Plads. If he is not into skating, it is still fun to watch. Or how about watching a hockey match at Gigantium? If you are not in Aalborg during the ice skating season, perhaps roller skating is an option. Try the 10 km long skating range on the east side of Aalborg, and enjoy the beautiful nature at Bundgårdsparken. Have you ever visited a horse racing track during a race? Go together and experience the thrill – perhaps your horse will be the winner. If not, you will still have enjoyed a fun and different experience together. Men love soccer, so invite him to a soccer match at Aalborg Stadium. If you do, you will definitely score – even if his favorite team doesn’t. A stay at Comwell Rebild Bakker, a hotel dedicated to sports, is guarateed to keep you active. After a long day filled with fun and challenging activities, you can enjoy a delicious meal at the restaurant and take a well-deserved rest with your loved one.

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Let's enjoy a beer - or six

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Authentic, simple and intimate

Bistro59 is an intimate restaurant where both atmosphere and ingredients are prioritized. The owners have managed to create a genuine French atmosphere, so it almost seems as if you are at the center of Paris. Once you step through the door, you sense that the restaurant is a dream come true for the owners, who run the place with all their hearts. The owners pay attention to detail, both when it comes to decoration and menus, and the genuine French bistro feeling is a guarantee.

Bistro 59 – the genuine French bistro feeling

Aalborg for two

Aalborg for two

Aalborg is perfect for a mini vacation for two. The city has all the ingredients needed to ensure a successful - and maybe romantic - stay.