Nibe - the pleasant market town

Nibe is a charming market town, which cherishes its past as a former herring town. Arrving in Nibe, you find beautiful old houses, cobblestone streets, cosy squares and one of Denmarks most famous music festivals, which has found its logo from a fresco in the city's Middle Age church. Whether you prefer an active or relaxing holiday or a holiday filled with music or in complete silence, Nibe has something to offer. Welcome to Nibe!

Welcome to Nibe

Enjoy the beautiful old market town with the cobblestoned streets and the maritime vibe at the harbor...

Færchs Farm in Nibe

Nibe - the old market town

Curvy streets and beautifully kept houses characterises Nibe, which has functioned as a market town since 1727. 

Boys at Nibe Marina

Cosy, maritime vibe at Nibe harbor

Oozing of maritime vibes, Nibe harbor invites you to enjoy life...

Enjoy life in Nibe

Art, gastronomy, golf, music, hiking or pure relaxation at the water's edge. Nibe has something for everyone...




Nibe Festival

Nibe Festival

The Nibe Festival equals four days with good music, cool people and great atmosphere.

Gallery Tinghuset in Nibe

Arts and crafts

The region around Nibe attracts many artists due to the light from Limfjorden. Meet the local artists and visit the galleries in town...

Sølyst Camping & Holiday Huts in Nibe

Sølyst Camping & Holiday Huts

Sølyst Camping & Holiday Huts are situated next to Limfjorden and close to Nibe as well as Aalborg...

Nibe Royal Show

Events in Nibe

Find information on sightseeing, guided tours, concerts and much more in Nibe...

Sebber Monastery Golf Club

Sebber Monastery Golf Club

In the beautiful natural resort next to Sebbersund, you will find Sebber Monastery Gold Club...

Restaurant Bryggen in Nibe

Restaurants in Nibe

Find inspiration to excellent gastronomical experiences in Nibe...

Nature experiences in Nibe

In the beautiful nature surround Nibe, you will find many possibilities for good family oriented nature experiences...




Bicycle vacation in Nibe

Active holiday in Nibe

If you like experiences on land and on sea, Nibe has loads of possibilities for an active holday...

Halkær Mølle Nature Center by Nibe

Back to nature in Nibe

If you love nature, the area surrounding Nibe has many beautiful nature spots with great possibilities for hiking and lovely nature experiences...

Himmerlands Fishing Park

Himmerlands Fishing Park

Each day trouts are released into the Put'n'Take lake at Himmerlands Fishing Park, so the chances of catching dinner is good...

Halkær Mill Nature Center by Nibe

Halkær Mill Nature Center

At Halkær MillNature Center, you can explore back in time through practical work with craftmanship and needlework...

The historical Nibe

For people interested in history, Nibe has a lot to offer. Everything from beautiful old churches to an exciting viking town, there is ample opportunity to travel back in time...

Sebbersund Viking town at Nibe

Exploring Nibes history

Nibe has a lot of interesting attractions to offer - everything from a Viking town to beautiful churches...

Nibe Museum

Nibe Museum

Learn about the regions history at Nibe Museum...

Tour in Nibe Church

Guided tours in Nibe

Follow a guide around Nibe as you listen to the exciting stories about the town and the charming old houses...