Nibe - the old market town

Færchs Farm in Nibe
Market town charm with old houses, winding streets and cobblestone squares - Nibe is a market town with atmosphere...

The city under the hills

The town was built on the ancient fjord floor, close to the range of hills that stretch from Skals Forest in the north to Lundbæk Forest in the south. The streets Nørregade, Skomagergade, and Søndergade were originally part of the road from Aalborg to Løgstør. From this line of streets, the other old streets run in parallel toward the fjord to the places where fishermen landed their herring catch. Over time, these streets have been knitted together by alleys, lanes, and passages.

Even though the town was first granted market town status in 1727, its history stretches back more than 600 years. In 1672, Nibe was Jutland’s eighth largest, and Denmark’s 16th largest town. When it was named a market town, it had 1600 residents. Today, about 4700 people live here.

Half-timbered houses on fire

The old houses in the town were built close to one another, with half-timbering and thatched roofs. Fires quickly become catastrophes. Two great fires in 1765 and 1806 led to the town taking on its present appearance.

The town still has many beautiful old houses whose owners preserve them with care and attention.

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Go on a guided tour

If you would like a tour in the old streets of Nibe, hear about the history or look inside Nibe Church and see the beautiful chalk paintings and the untraditional church ship, contact city historian, Willy Kær on tel. +45 30 69 94 58 to arrange a tour.

Nibe ved Aalborg

Nibe - den hyggelige købstad

Oplev købstadscharme, gamle huse, brostensbelagte gader og hyggelige torv i den gamle fiskerby Nibe...

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