Green Aalborg

Find inspiration on how to turn the most beautiful natural resorts in and around Aalborg into your playground and how to make your stay more sustainable.

The exciting nature around Limfjorden, next to the mild east coast and in Lille Vildmose each offers their own charm and saves experiences for you that you will appreciate. In addition, Aalborg city also has many green oasis.

Come on out!

Aalborg is rich on experiences in the nature and many of them are situated in walking or biking distance from the city centre. Visit Aalborgs green areas and see the different options for exercising.

Back to nature in Aalborg

Back to nature

Take a trip into the beautiful nature in and around Aalborg. Jump on the bike, put on those hiking boots, whip out the picnic basket or simply take a peaceful stroll.

Exercise routes in Aalborg

Exercise in Green Aalborg

Exercise routes in Aalborg and other good tips for exercising in the green...

Mountain biking in Aalborg

Mountain biking in Aalborg

Exercise in the green...

Make your stay sustainable!

On this page, you will find tips on green transport in Aalborg and where to go to shop, spend the nigth and eat with a clear conscience. You can also visit Aalborg Zoo and find out how the garden is working on preserving the nature and keeping a sustainable service.  

Bus in Aalborg

Green transport

Transportation doesn't have to be cabs...

Spend the night at green hotels

Spend the night at green hotels

Make your overnight stay in Aalborg more sustainable...

Aalborg Zoo

The African Village in Aalborg Zoo

Aalborg Zoo goes African. The authentic surroundings make visitors feel as if they are actually roaming the Dark Continent amongst the wildlife. The animals look, sound and smell differently than you are used to in other zoos.