Active holiday

 If you dream of an active holiday there is no lack of options in Aalborg and at Aalborg Coast. Here you will find inspiration for interesting activities whether you are into action and adrenalin or magnificent experiences in nature.

By land

The interesting and varied nature around Aalborg has a lot of great experiences to offer.

Play a round of golf in Aalborg or at Aalborg coast with the view of Kattegat nearby.

If you are looking for a different kind of golf, Ulsted soccer golf is not that far away.

Would you like to enjoy the nature and fresh air, go on a treasure hunt in Aalborg and its surroundings...

Golf in Aalborg

Hole in one

Aalborg and Aalborg Coast offer a number of good golf experiences.

Mountain bike in Aalborg

Full speed on a mountain bike

Are you into challenges, excitement and would also like to experience the nature around Aalborg? If so, you can take a mountain bike trip on the newly formed mountain bike routes around Aalborg.

Geocaching in Aalborg

Treasure hunting in Aalborg

There are a lot of caches in Aalborg and the surrounding area. You are sure to find the best and biggest experiences with the help of local geocachers.

On water

Aalborg is well located by the Limfjord - actually it was the Vikings who founded the city right where the fjord was the most narrow and easy to cross.

The location was well chosen – then and now. The fjord has many things to offer and the water always seems to attract people.

In the most eastern part of Aalborg it is the sea and coast which tempt with adventures. The coast is also called the mild coast, and not without reason. The waves are soft and the water low – ideal for families with small children.

Canoeing on Limfjorden

Kayak experiences

To sail a kayak is the perfect way to experience nature at the Limfjord.

Fishing in the water by Aalborg

Go fishing

You will find many good fishing spots that invite you to have a good outdoor experience at Limfjorden and Aalborg Coast.

Sailing holiday in Aalborg and at Aalborg Coast

Sail to Aalborg and Aalborg Coast

Located at Limfjorden and Kattegat, Aalborg and Aalborg Coast is the perfect destination for a sailing holiday.

Discover nature

The nature around Aalborg – along the fjord, in Lille Vildmose and on the coast of Aalborg is impressive and varied. Spend a day off or a holiday enjoying it and give yourself good active experiences.

Spend a day in Lille Vildmose and if you are lucky, you will see the majestic golden eagle hunting.

Aalborg also offers many green recreational areas, where you can get away from the noise of the big city and relax.

Finally, Aalborg has many challenging mountain bike routes waiting to be used...

The Golden Eagle in Lille Vildmose

See the Golden Eagle

Meeting a Golden Eagle in Lille Vildmose is an unforgettable experience.

Back to nature

Back to nature

Aalborg offers lots of wonderful green areas. Discover the nature on foot or by bike.