Mountain bike in Aalborg

Mountain biking in Aalborg

Do you like challenges and excitement and want to experience nature around Aalborg? If so, you can take a mountain bike trip on the freshly laid mountain bike routes in the forests around Aalborg...

Routes for mountain bikers 

In the forests around Aalborg, four marked mountain bike routes are located. The four routes are in Hammer Hills, Lundby Hills, by Poulstrup Lake and in Kongshøj Forest. They are marked with posts, pictograms and tags on trees. The four routes all have their own track which means that bike riders do not collide with pedestrians. The routes were created in cooperation with the largest exercise bike clubs that wished for biking routes of different degrees of difficulty. This way, consideration has been shown for beginners as well as for experienced bikers. Three of the routes are located in nature areas south of Aalborg, and in 2010 they were connected as transit routes, which made it possible to ride one long coherent trip of 25-30 kilometres. However, the routes are not for mountain bike riders exclusively; they can be used by anyone who would like to try biking in different terrain.

Kongshøj Forest for the wild

With its chalky hills, Kongshøj Forest near Visse has the studiest terrain, which means it can withstand rampes and jumps if anyone would like to challenge themselves.

Hammer Hills for novices

For novices we recommend the route in Hammer Hills. This route does not have sharp corners, drastic inclines or drops. However, experienced bikers, with knowledge of the route, finds that if you speed up it does pose some challenges as the corners are then suddenly not that easy to pass.

Mountain bike and bicycle routes in Denmark

The Danish Nature Agency has produced a map with mountain bike routes in Aalborg. Here you can plan your own route. 

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Mountain bike routes in and around Aalborg

Lundby Hills
In Lundby Hills the route can be moved in case of too much wear. Start and finish are at the parking spot at Hadsund Landevej and there are no biking in Lundby Coppice, since the nature here is far too vulnerable.

See map of the route (pdf)

Poulstrup Lake
At Poulstrup Lake the route goes through a large enclosure where cows graze. Start and finish are at the parking spot by Gultentorpvej.

See map of the route (pdf)

Kongshøj Forest
Kongshøj Forest is the most robust with its chalky areas. The starting point is at the training folk school on Vissevej.

See map of the route (pdf)

Hammer Hills
In Hammer Hills the route is located on an area owned by the municipality. The route is divided in two - one western and one eastern.

See map of the route (pdf)

The military training ground
In Nørresundby you can take a ride through the military training ground, which offers a good mix of hills, challenging turns and riding on the forest's floor. However, you need to make sure that there are no military exercise before you start. Access to the route is via Hvorup Kirkevej.

See map of the route

Active holidays in Aalborg

Active holidays

There is no lack of possibilities for experiences in the outdoors when visiting Aalborg and Aalborg Coast.