Lille Vildmose - a danish wilderness

Believe it or not, just a half-hour drive from bustling Aalborg a piece of Danish wilderness is located. The area is called 'Lille Vildmose', which means 'little wild bog on the heath.' Climb the lookout tower and see the red deer, Denmark's only golden eagles, the wildest of wild boars, and fox cubs at play. Learn the story of the moor and its wildlife in the visitors' centre and bring your family along on a trip to the Lille Vildmose Centre. Here you can get a feeling of being an eagle in the eagle simulator, visit the nature playground and check out the exhibition.

Lille Vildmose is for the entire family

A visit to Lille Vildmose and the Lille Vildmose Centre is filled with exciting experiences for the entire family. Try a ride in the eagle simulator, see the small animals in the nature workshop or have fun at the challenging and educational nature playground.

Lille Vildmosecentret

Visit the Lille Vildmose Centre

Experience an eagle simulator, a cinema, a large interactive exhibit, a landscape model, a nature workshop with small animals, a nature playground, children's activities, wild boars, beautiful hikes and the lovely park.

Activities in Lille Vildmose

Fun activities in Lille Vildmose

Take a minicruise with the Hals-Egense ferry into magnificent nature. A few minutes driving from Hals and Hou north of the Limfjord, you will find danish wilderness and from Aalborg it is only a 30 minute drive.

Lille Vildmose

The history of Lille Vildmose

What connects Lille Vildmose to the Stone Age, herring fishing in the Middle Ages, the ground mist, St. Steensen Blichers novel, "Kjærlighed i Vildmosen", drop zone during the occupation, the sculptures in the bog and so on?

Experience wild nature

Visit Lille Vildmose and see if you can spot the white-tailed eagle or the golden eagle from one of the many vantage points.

There is also a chance of seeing red deer or wild boars.

White-Tailed Eagle in Lille Vildmose

See the White-Tailed Eagle

After almost 100 yours of absence from Northern Europe’s largest bird of prey, the White Tailed Eagle is breeding again in North Jutland. A couple of these magnificent birds have raised a chick from a nest in Lille Vildmose.

Dansk vildmark

Nature - danish wilderness

Believe it or not, just a half-hours' drive from bustling Aalborg lies a virgin Danish wilderness. Its name is Lille Vildmose.

The Golden Eagle in Lille Vildmose

See the Golden Eagle

Meeting a Golden Eagle in Lille Vildmose is an unforgettable experience.