Museum of Modern Art

Kunsten - an architectural pearl

Do you go to an art museum for the sole purpose of looking at art? Not necessarily, if you visit Kunsten - Museum of Modern Art in Aalborg that is located 10 minutes from the city centre. The museum is the product of the vision of the master architect Alvar Aalto.

Kunsten in Aalborg is like a sculpture

...that almost grows out of the rolling, green landscape to form a beautiful frame around worldclass art. Art that ranges wide and contains excellent stories. The building that is designed by the world famous Finnish architect Alvar Aalto in cooperation with Jean-Jacques Baruël and Elissa Aalto is in an international class of its own. This means that citizens and tourists alike pour into the museum in Aalborg to go exploring in the fabulous building and to see the museum's unique collection of modern and contemporary art. 

Quality down to the detail

When you enter the museum, the first thing that strikes you is the light and spaciousness of the exhibition halls. The light falls in from all directions, illuminating the works of art to emphasize shapes, colors and textures, illustrating Aalto’s motto that, “What acoustics are for a concert hall, light is for an art museum.” 

Uncompromising quality pervades the architecture, right down to the smallest detail. Tables, chairs, doors, windows, railings, stairways, door handles, lamps – everything was designed specifically for Kunsten in Aalborg. The interior is clad in ash, black cowhide, bronze and other materials that complement the white facades, giving the halls an aura of exclusive elegance.

The art must match the venue

The perfect venue for the art also means that it is not random what kind of pieces will be allowed inside the museum. The art needs to live up to the venue. In addition to their artistic quality, some of the works also tell fascinating stories. The Danish surrealist painter Wilhelm Freddie, for instance, was barred from entering Germany during the Nazi era because of a single painting. Another one of his works was confiscated by the Danish police in 1936 because of its “pornographic nature,” and later contributed to an entire redefinition of the legal term pornography. Both works are on display in the museum. 

Some of the stories are told by the works themselves. The visitor has ample opportunity to explore Denmark’s cultural heritage and see how people have interpreted their world through art from around 1900 to the present. From Lundstrøm to Jorn, from Søndergaard to Salto. 

Come see - and enjoy - for yourself.

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Famous danes guides you at Kunsten in Aalborg

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CoBrA at Kunsten

At Kunsten you can see a finer collection of CoBrA art in Denmark, such as pieces from Asger John, Henry Heerup, Egill Jacobsen, Ejler Bille and Carl-Henning Pedersen.

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