The House of Music in Aalborg

The new music venue of Northern Jutland is now open and ready to welcome guests who will find a star-studded concert program.

The House of Music is not only the new architectural lighthouse of Aalborg and Northern Jutland, but also very much a national and international rendezvous, where visitors, students and musicians are brought together in music.

The construction of the House of Music is one of the most ambitious and impressive projects in the history of Aalborg. The road has been long, as it has been more than 28 years since the first idea for the House of Music in Aalborg emerged. However, natives of Northern Jutland are characterized by being not only robust and tough, but also very persistent, so now the house is ready to welcome everyone with an interest in music and culture - locals as well as visitors.

Architectural brand with the music in focus
The vision for the House of Music in Northern Jutland has been to create a venue for concerts with acoustics on an international level to be the focal point of both the musical and cultural life in Aalborg. The house was built around the idea of creating synergy and sharing of expertise and knowhow among the many users and guests of the house - a venue of architectural quality and a brand of Northern Jutland.

The permanent residents of the House of Music include Aalborg Symphony Orchestra, the Jutlandic Academy of Music - Aalborg, the musical education programmes of Aalborg University, Centre of Danish Jazz History and Musikkens Spisehus (The Dininghouse of Music). Along with the many guests, these will create a musical setting by the harbour of Aalborg and become a natural part of the urban life at the popular waterfront.

The House of Music was designed by the world renowned Austrian architect firm Coop Himmelb(l)au and covers approx. 20.000 m2 divided on eight floors where three are underground. In addition, it contains a large concert hall with the capacity of 1300 sitting audiences, a medium concert hall, and two minor ones. Furthermore, the building contains a restaurant and a foyer, along with auditoriums for teaching and administration facilities.

Jeppe Hein’s art installation ReflectingFrequencies is located below the ceiling in the lobby of the House of Music. The installation is a mirror, 8 meters wide, slowly rotating around its center point. The installation resembles a frequency wave, connecting the upper and lower parts of the foyer.

The restaurant “Musikkens Spisehus”
Musikkens Spisehus is the name of the gourmet restaurant located in the semicircular part of the House of Music facing the fjord. The acknowledged head chef Mikael Kopp Christensen is restaurateur and all the dishes served at Musikkens Spisehus are based on local produce. Read more about Musikkens Spisehus

The House of Music will make a difference
The House of Music is an important innovation for the municipality of Aalborg, and the timing for its opening is perfect. "Aalborg is undergoing a powerful and positive transformation in these years, and the House of Music has the power to multiply the local cultural offers, so we will have a more nuanced, versatile and broad-spectered cultural life than previously", Mayor Thomas Kastrup-Larsen states and continues: "I am very proud to be the Mayor of a city which holds both Nordkraft and the House of Music, and as neighbours, the two buildings compliment and supplement each other in the best possible way. They materialize what Aalborg is all about: grace, robustness, elegance, rustic establishments and anarchism. I am certain that the House of Music will make a difference - and I have no doubt that the house will host many grand events in the future".

Guided tour through the House of Music
Do you want to see and experience what it looks like behind the scene at a concert hall? The House of Music is open for guided tours and offers six different kinds.
Read more about the House of Music

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