Lille Vildmose

The history of Lille Vildmose

What connects Lille Vildmose to the Stone Age, herring fishing in the Middle Ages, the ground mist, St. Steensen Blichers novel, "Kjærlighed i Vildmosen", drop zone during the occupation, the sculptures in the bog and so on? There are several good reasons to spend some time at Lille Vildmose and its population...

The Little Wild Bog

Lille Vildmose – the name means Little Wild Bog - area is just 10 minutes' drive from Aalborg. It is a beautiful natural area with a unique ecosystem and cultural relics from forgotten times. Combined, these make up a common historical identity that has left a deep imprint on the local area.

The limestone cliffs, such as Kjællingbjerg Cliff and the cliffs between Gudumlund and Storvorde show the extent of the Litorina Sea, and how far the landscape has risen since the sea receded.

Marks of culture

Several smaller manor houses each with their own historical background show the importance of agriculture over the centuries. Small canal systems from Lille Vildmose connect the area with one of Danish history’s greatest industrial stories in the 1700s: the Gudumlund Factories started by the Danish industrialist von Buchwald.

Scenic nature

The little angling site at Stejlgabet in Dokkedal is a reminder of herring fisheries of the Middle Ages. Today, it is a preserved and incredibly beautiful swimming spot at the foot of the Mulbjerg hills and it has a small exhibition about fishing. The extraction of peat and later sphagnum has marked the landscape as the roads to Kongerslev, Mou Bro and Gudumholm were built for the transportation of these products. Today, these glimpses of the past are being preserved.

Past meets the present

These historical "glimpses" are combined today in a presence where the values of nature and culture are passed on to ourselves and our descendants. This is accomplished through a wish of establishing Lille Vildmose as a national park.

These splendours, partially girdled by Limfjorden, Kattegat and Lindenborg stream make it an obvious place to visit for tourists. Dining and accomodation options along with swimming options and a wide array of activities make it the ideal place for a holiday.

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Star attractions in Lille Vildmose

In VisitAalborg's InfoCenter you can find the small brochure called "Stjernepunkter i Lille Vildmose". It will guide you through the good vantage points in the area where you can experience the magnificent landscape and get up close and personal with the animals.

Fly like an eagle in Lille Vildmosecentret

Lille Vildmose has recently built a new experience center, making the old bog come alive for you as a visitor. The center includes the history of the bog as well as animals and plants. There is also an exploratorium where you can get your hands into the bog and its animals. You can see films - and take a flight in an eagle simulator, while being shown the bog in a bird's perspective. And much more! The center has a nice café with a great view over the bog.

Read more on Lille Vildmose's website