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Guided tours in Nibe

Follow a guide around Nibe as you listen to the exciting stories about the town and the charming old houses...

Guided tours - all year around

In Nibe you can experience a market town environment with narrow streets, beautiful doors and small houses, which can only be experienced by a pleasant walk. A preservation plan for the city has secured the classic image. City guide, Willy Kær will guide you around Nibes old part of town.

Tailored guided tours

If your family, company, club or others would like a tour around the old streets of Nibe or inside Nibe Church to see the beautiful frescos and untraditional church ship, feel free to call:

City history guide Willy Kær
Tel. +45 30 69 94 58

Guided tours in the summer

How about you try the tour, "Art, Culture & History" where you can hear more about Nibe Pharmacy from 1811, Nibe Cinema, which is one of the oldest working movie theaters in Denmark or stories about the hexagonal hus or the Golden Goose.

You could also try the tour, which visits Nibe Church and learn more about the holy Christofferus, Saint Jørgen and Dragen. The tour also offers a walk around the church while the guide narrates about the tower, Ernst von Schimmelmann, the storm bell and when the church was almost demolished.

A third option would be a bus tour around Nibe. You will find out how Nibe Harbor came to be in 1864 and hear about Fjordkonen, Koldsminde, Nibe Privatbane, Klosterholmen and the ferry trip from one side of the bank to the other.

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Nibe Church

Nibe Kirke

Nibe ved Aalborg

Nibe - the pleasant market town

Experience market town charm, cobblestoned streets and cosy squares in the old fishing town, Nibe...