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You will find that Aalborg is an easy city to lower your carbon footprint in, for several reasons. Once you arrive in the city centre (only a 10-minute drive from Aalborg Airport), you will find that everything is within walking distance.

The Hotels, conference venues, numerous restaurants, shopping, museums, etc., will always be within a small radius. For this reason, a meeting in Aalborg often means that public transport, taxis or even event shuttle busses, will not be necessary. However, if you do end up needing other forms of transport, the city offers alternatives to your legs that will still keep your good conscience in terms of your carbon footprint.

Get easily around Aalborg by bicycle

You might know the Danish capital, Copenhagen, as the bicycle-loving city, but Aalborg loves bikes too! Aalborg focuses greatly on the promotion bicycles as a main form of transport and the city continuously works on the mobility planning, to better bicycle conditions around the city. Aalborg has an ongoing project called AalborgCykelBy (Aalborg Bicycle City) which has a 2013-2025 plan to this promotion of bikes as ones’ main chosen form of transport, both to encourage a greener transport as well as one that is healthier.

The public bicycle pumps, the many bike stands, good and safe bike paths, etc. are signs of Aalborg as a bicycle city. We even have ‘encouragers’ on the bike paths, that tell you how many bikes have passed on the respective route, how fast you are going, the time, the outside temperature, and even how long it would take you (at the speed you are going) to go to i.e. Aalborg University.

We love biking in Aalborg and if you are up for joining the locals on two wheels, your hotel will be more than happy to provide bicycles. Alternatively, it is possible to rent an orange bicycle from the International rental bike service Donkey Republic, on either their app or at

Excellent public-transport options in Aalborg

In connection with Aalborg Municipality’s focus on sustainability, the city is working on becoming a SMART City. This is being done with an innovative and sustainable city development strategy. The primary focus of this is on sustainable and CO2-friendly infrastructure for transport. This includes lengthening the train line to the airport in order to achieve easier and car-free access, a battery operated, driverless, harbour bus service to transport people across the Limfjord without producing gas or fuel particles, and lastly a new BRT (Bus Rapid Transit) system to increase mobility and lessen traffic. These busses, also named +BUS, will run on non-fossil fuels, as the municipality is exploring alternative energy options. When driving, the busses will be granted priority green lights, thereby lowering emission fuel levels in the city.

These are initiatives yet to be implemented, but fear not because we still have excellent public-transport options. Aalborg’s bus-lines are well connected the city busses (that mainly drive around the city centre) drive frequently and stop many places all around town. Use “Rejseplanen” (travel plan that can be accessed as an APP or on to see which bus you can take to your desired destination.

Fully charged electric car during your meeting

If you are coming to Aalborg in an electric car or if you have rented one to get around, it will not be a problem to recharge it. You will find chargers by most of the city’s hotels, various car parks and some gas stations. Further, you will find charging options at the airport and in the car parks of the city’s shopping centers Friis and Salling.

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