Green meetings in Aalborg

If you are looking to host a green meeting in Aalborg, a good place to start is to find a green venue. Aalborg is a great city when it comes to venues that focus on sustainability and protection of the environment. The city offers several venues for your meeting and many of them focus greatly on sustainability.

The first certified sustainable event venue in Denmark

The main venue is the Aalborg Congress and Culture Centre (AKKC). AKKC has taken on the lead on the concept ‘Green’, as they became Denmark’s first officialISO 20121 certified sustainable eventvenue in the autumn of 2017 and to date (September 2018) they are the only event venue in Denmark with this certification.

New venues in Aalborg that focus on sustainability

However, AKKC is not the only sustainable choice of venue in Aalborg. The city’s newer venues have been built according to sustainable building regulations, where green solutions are a primary concern. A great example of one of these buildings is Musikkens Hus (The House of Music). The House of Music, located on Aalborg’s harbour, greatly focuses on green solutions when it comes to their energy supplies. Firstly, the building has 263 solar panels that provide much of the needed energy. Secondly, water from the Limfjord contributes to the cooling system of the building, and lastly, whichever additional energy the building needs is bought from an offshore windfarm, making them 100% CO2 neutral.

Other buildings, taking initiatives like The House of Music in order to protect the environment are; CREATE and the Utzon Center.

ISO 20121 – Sustainable events 

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Aalborg is a great city when it comes to venues that focus on sustainability and protection of the environment
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