Go Green in Aalborg

Go Green

If you are looking for green areas in Aalborg where you can exercise in your spare time, or just go for a nice walk, Aalborg has a variety of places worth a visit.

Running and cycling routes

Throughout the various green areas in Aalborg there is ample opportunity to go for a run before, after or in between your meetings. At all the tourist information centres in the city you can get maps with both cycling and walking routes, some of which may be able to offer you some inspiration on where to go for a run. If you do decide to go for a run, we suggest that you give this Aalborg podcast a listen.

Aalborg, and the rest of Denmark alike, is rich with cycling paths, making it extremely easy to get around. At some hotels, as well as all over the city, it is possible to rent bicycles, allowing you to spend some of your free time exploring Aalborg by bike.

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Kildeparken is one of the oldest parks in Aalborg, and each year it is home to a variety of different activities. In Kildeparken you can find classical pieces of work made by famous sculptors, an impressive fountain as well as the interactive Park of Music. Kildeparken is located right next to Aalborg Culture & Congress Centre, allowing you to explore the outside of this venue as you walk around in the park.


In the middle of Aalborg you can find Mølleparken, a green oasis located right behind the art museum KUNSTEN. Here you can find a lit running trail as well as an outdoor fitness area. From the top of the hills in the park there is a magnificent view of Aalborg, the Limfjord and the small island Egholm. You can also see an impressive sculpture by Israeli artist Rolf Roda Reilinger, as well as a relaxing area with an unusual flora.

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Other green areas

Østre Anlæg
Egholm – small island – 5 minutes ferry ride from Aalborg (DKK 20)