Aalborg Harbour Basin

Go fishing

Have you been thinking about going on a fishing trip with your buddy, but somehow something always gets in the way? Seize the opportunity now and invite your friends to go fishing.

You will find many good fishing spots along Limfjorden and at Aalborg Coast that will invite you to have a good experience in nature. If you wish to follow the fjord further towards the west, there are also fishing spots on the area between Aalborg and Nibe.

Go fishing on the coast of Aalborg

The piers in Hou, Hals and Mou are good fishing spots. During peak season, you can rent a dinghy in Hou and sail the fjord on your own.

Lug worms or other kinds of bait are of course a necessity. Along the coast you will find a number of places that sell worms. You can also find your own lug worms if you get up early and go to the coast at low tide. You can buy bait in the shop 'Peters Fisk' in Hals Harbor and in "Toms Fiskebod" in Hou. It is also possible to go sea fishing in North Jutland. "Det Gule Rev" is a popular location among many anglers.

You will find several 'put'n'take' lakes in Hals and Hou at Aalborg Coast

Have a nice day with your family at Lagunen Fishing Park. There is a good chance of catching rainbow trouts at Aalborg Coast and if you need fishing gear, you will find shops with a fine selection.

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Go fishing in the middle of Aalborg 

Catch herring and garfish

At springtime, the herring is lining up and there is a good chance of getting a great catch. You can fish from different locations along Limfjorden. One of the really good places is right by the Limfjord’s bridge and especially at the Herring Pier in Nørresundby. A couple of weeks after the herring has announced its arrival, the garfish appears. Again, you can get a good catch near the Limfjord's bridge.

Sea trout - a delicious fish

If you leave Aalborg City it is also possible to catch sea trouts along Limfjorden. Once again, the best fishing spots are located on the northern side of the fjord. Especially at Nørredyb by Lindholm Beach Park, the setting for fishing is good.

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Fishing license

In Denmark you need to have a fishing license when fishing along the coast. A fishing license can be bought online and you can buy licences for a day, a week or a year.

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Water level in the fjord and along the coast

See when the tide is coming in and when the low tide is going out. The water level along the east coast doesn't change as much as the west coast, but if you are looking for lug worms it is a good idea to know when it is low tide.

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Holiday homes in Aalborg and surroundings

Holiday homes

At Aalborg Coast, you will find beautiful holiday cottages, which can be the base of an eventful vacation at the mild east coast...