Geocaching in Aalborg

Geocaching in Aalborg

There are numerous good geocaches in Aalborg and with a little help from the local geocachers, we have been able to find some of the best ones in our area. Get ready to get one of your best geocaching experiences…

Top 10 best culture caches in Aalborg

Fligerhorst Aalborg OST 1 GC1A0KK
Are you ready to visit the past? This is a challenging cache in an old German bunker. Remember a flashlight and some good shoes. This cache is not suitable for people with claustrophobia.

Fligerhorst Aalborg OST 2 GC1A0KR
Yet another German bunker. This bunker has in recent years been used by the Danish Home Guard and it shows. Heavy shoes are recommended and do not forget a good flashlight.

Try solving this one – it may take you quite some time to find it. You may even need to come back several times and look for it before you can log it as found.

Det lille vandløb GC1VNHQ
This micro cache is a bit difficult to find. However, it is hidden in a beautiful part of the Sohngårdsholm park near the romantic Sohngårdsholm Castle.

Limfjordstunnelen GCTZQH
This one gives you a unique insight look into the construction of the Limfjord tunnel. See the cars disappear under the water and watch the boats at the bay while you're looking for the hint.

Kongeligt Toldkammer GC11F4Z
The newly renovated custom house is one of Aalborg's old buildings. During the summer the fountains are accompanied by music.

Cimbrertyren GC25YKA
Everybody in Aalborg knows the Bull statue at Vesterbro, but not everyone knows that there is a cache located at Aalborg's famous landmark. Exercise extreme caution, as there are many Mugglers in the area.

Utzon Center GC1C4Q2

Everyone knows the famous and beautiful Sidney opera house, but did you know that Jørn Utzon came from Aalborg? Jørn Utzon has designed Aalborg's new cultural and knowledge centre.

Der mangler en Polak 1 GC16MKC

A tour to Aalborg's many art sculptures. A car or bike is necessary if you want to find this cache.

Der mangler en Polak 2 GC16MQR

Another tour of Aalborg's many sculptures - this time mostly in the Greenlandic district.

Top 10 best natural caches in Aalborg

Troldkirken GCQBHP
The Neolithic Stone – Troldkirken (a church) is one of Denmark's most beautiful long barrows and was the first of its kind to be named a national treasure.

Somewhere out there #1 GCQMB2
Not everybody knows it, but there is a beautiful natural area just between the highway and the fjord.

The Source GCMDVG
This one is not for people with nice shoes and fine dresses.

Tunnel of Chalk GCMQPV
Aalborg – hometown of the concrete factories. Visit a cache that shows you Aalborg's past as a concrete capital.

View to a runway GCKMJW
The name says it all. From this cache you can see all of Aalborg’s sky traffic. Maybe you should do some waterskiing while you are here.

Portlandsmosen GC1G13T
Aalborg Portland used to get their peat form this area, but now it is a protected nature area. You find one of the longest lakes of North Jutland here.

Limsundet GC15HCJ
When the problem is solved a great nature experience awaits. 

Hammer Bakker GCNWQO
The forest of Hammer Bakker is one of the most stunning and adored forests in the Aalborg area.

Earthcache GC16FPP
This cache gives you a most impressing view.

Egholm GC15HF7
You have to visit Egholm, the small island in the Limfjord, and when you do, remember to find this cache.

Top 5 puzzle caches in Aalborg

Sudoku Albert GCQNFE
Do you like Sudoku? Then you will love this cache. However, before you can solve it, you have to solve this one Sudoku GCQNF7.

Aalborg Docklands GC13D4X
Did anyone say computer genius? Maybe not, however you need to know something about IT to locate this cache.

Troldetårnet GC1XZJJ
A beautiful place in the forest of...

Odd Patterns #2 GC15GB3
Do you recognize something?

Det var dengang GC1X598
You may need to think about this one for some time.

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