Fur - a beautiful island in the middle of the Limfjord

Fur - in the middle of the Limfjord

Fur lies in the Limfjord and was in 2010 elected as the island of the year by the readers from the Danish magazine Kristeligt Dagblad. And this is no surprise to many as Fur is a unique island.

Fur is placed in the centre of the Limfjord and characterised by cliffs and hill-covered landscape. Fur is an attractive place for many families and couples as the small island has many things to offer. You can, among others, search for fossilisations in the piers on the beach.

Fur Brewery
Fur Brewery is one of the many well-known micro breweries in Denmark. Fur Brewery brews many good and tasty beers. The brewery also had a small restaurant and offers tours in the brewery with taste-samples.

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The Snaps Route

The Snaps Route is a special route that takes you around the Limfjord to a world of the Danish alcohol Snaps, herbs and cosy inns in a beautiful nature and culture.

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Familly enjoying the beach on the east coast

Experience North Denmark

North Jutland is the Danes' holiday destination of choice. You can experience the North Sea to the west, Kattegat to the east and in between you find Limfjorden. And between these two seas you will find a wide range of activities for everyone.