Fun on the beach

As a bather you can find your own, personal island, build your own sandcastle and do fun activities at the beach. You can also find inspiration for fun activities to do in the summer house on a rainy day.

Aalborg Coast is a paradise for those who love water and childish souls

Build your own sand castle
Children love to build their own sand castle. They can easily spend an afternoon on the beach, building a spectacular sand castle. Use shovels, buckets or large sea shells to mold the castle. Dig a moat around the castle and catch crabs and prawns to put into the moat. 

Figures in the sand
In addition to building sand castles, you can also make your own sand figures. Make a skull, a fish or a blue whale - the only limit is your imagination.

Catch crabs, small fish or prawns
You can catch crabs, prawns and small fish at the water's edge. Everything you need is a fishing net and a bucket.

Play with the waves
A fun game where everybody can play. Stand at the water's edge and avoid the waves. As soon as the waves come near you, you jump over it. Whoever gets caught by a wave first loses.

Find rocks, seaweed and sea shells for a rainy day
Find things at the beach.
A fun game that Pippi Longstocking used to play with Annika and Tommy. Try this fun game on the beach and collect things for a rainy day...

Fun on a rainy day

Fun with rocks collected on the beach
Try and find stones with holes to use for necklaces, bracelets, tablecloth weights or small figures. 

Paint the stones 
Gather some stones with a smooth surface and paint different motifs with acrylic paint or markers. Paint a ladybug, the Danish flag or small figures. You can also try to glue them together with other things you have collected at the beach.

Make your own natural tablecloth weight
For this fun activity, you are going to need 4 stones with holes in them, 4 clothes-pegs and a string. Put the string through the hole of the stone and tie it together with the clothes-peg. If you would like a more colourful tablecloth holder, you can always paint the stones and clothes-pegs.

Natural art
Collect some seaweed from the water's edge and put it in a bowl with water. Shape the softened seaweed and put it onto a piece of coardboard. Cover the picture with tinfoil and put it under pressure until the picture is dry. The seaweed is now stuck to the cardboard and you can decorate the picture with sand using glue.

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Conquer your own island

Erobre din egen badeø

Every year, thousands of tourists experience this island-idyll at this beach and holiday paradise on the coast. The beaches located between Hou and Dokkedal are only a half-hour drive from Aalborg in the east, right where Limfjorden opens up into Kattegat. The small islands are located from a few metres to 30 metres from the coast.

With each passing year, the small beach islands are multiplying. Unlike the waves from the North Sea, the Kattegat's waves are far more generous - washing sand and clay towards the coast, making it grow. This results in several small islands - the size of the islands vary depending on the wind and tide.

The water level at Hals is so low that kids as well as adults can walk right out to the beach islands. If you are a morning person, you can conquer your own beach island and plant your very own flag.

Into the wild

Hiking along the coast and into the woods

Hiking in the woods

On the water

Are you into fishing or taking a trip on the water?


Rent a dinghy

Try canoeing

Blue flag

What does the blue flag mean?

Blue flag

Lille Vildmose visitor's centre

Lille Vildmose Visitor's Centre

In the middle of the Danish wilderness - Lille Vildmose - you will find the Lille Vildmose Visitor Center, that offers a variety of exciting indoor exhibitions, and outdoor, in the bog, you will sense the tranquility, the scent, the sounds of nature, the shift of seasons, the open spaces, and the flora and fauna of the bog.