Fårup Sommerland

It’s always full speed ahead in Fårup Sommerland, and you’re guaranteed not to be bored!

All the way out in the woods, where the birds are singing and the squirrel is jumping from tree to tree, and the fox is hiding in his cave, you can hear shouts of joy. Here you will find Fårup Summerland, welcoming you to a fun and cosy day with your family. Fårup Sommerland is one of the oldest amusement parks in Denmark, and one of Denmark’s largest tourist attractions, containing everything from crazy roller coasters and children’s amusement park to Denmark’s largest and most water rich water park!

Denmarks funniest water park

In the park, you can find the heated Aquapark, where the whole family can go crazy in the hottest waves in the Wavepool.

Fantastic news for waterlovers

If you are a waterlover or speed devil get excited! Fårup Sommerland has plenty of roller coasters and waterslides for the entire family to enjoy.

More adventures...

When the watersplashing is over and the hair is dry, you can enjoy the 4D-movie theatre, the kids' park, see who can jump the highest on the trampolines, relax in the shade or get air under your wings in one of the many roller coasters.

Great picnic in Fårup

You can either bring your own food for a picnic or BBQ or buy delicious food at the restaurants.

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