Experience North Denmark

North Denmark is the Danes' holiday destination of choice. And at the heart of this vibrant region is Aalborg. It is just a half-hour or one-hour drive to North Denmark's countless attractions, and there is something for everyone, adults and children alike. You can experience the North Sea to the west, Kattegat to the east and in between you find Limfjorden. And between these two seas you will find a wide range of activities for everyone.

Here we suggest different experiences in North Denmark for the whole family...

North Jutland for everyone

In North Jutland you will find something for everyone. Whether you wish to visit a white, child-friendly beach or a beach with large waves and strong wind, or maybe you are up for some fun and action or maybe a beautiful trip out in nature - North Jutland has it all!

Grenen in Skagen

Skagen - the top of Denmark

Skagen is one of Denmark's most popular holiday destinations. Among the attractions is the very special light that glimmers over the town and the experience of standing with each of your feet in a different sea - ”Skagerrak” and ”Kattegat”.

Beach near Blokhus on the west coast

Beaches on the west coast

North Jutland's west coach has many great sand beaches that are worth a visit all year around. You can swim, fish, collect amber, play in the dunes or surf on the high waves.

Beaches on the east coast

Beaches on the east coast

Opposite the waves on the west coast which are very dominating, the east coast’s waves are small and child-friendly. More small islands appear near the coast and visitor can be lucky to find their own island for the day.

Attractions in North Jutland

A visit to North Jutland can tempt everyone. Whether you seek action and fun in one of the area’s theme parks or you seek to learn something new about the animal kingdom in one of the many animal-attractions, you will find it in North Jutland. Here are five suggestions for experiences in North Jutland together with a link to VisitNordjylland that give you more ideas to how to spend your holiday in North Jutland. 

Nordsøen Oceanarium

Nordsøen Oceanarium

At the Northern Europe's biggest aquarium you can join an expedition with Skipper and his crew to the depth of the North Sea.

The Falcon in Fårup Sommerland

Fårup Sommerland

Faarup sommerland is placed in the forest and there are amusements and attractions that cater for all ages. Fårup Sommerland has everything the family needs to have a really great day out together.


EagleWorld in Tuen

Experience eagles being fed & feel the whirr of wings at the EagleWorld in Tuen

Vikings at fyrkat

Fyrkat Viking Centre

Fyrkat Viking Centre provide the setting, during season, of numerous viking activities such as viking clothing, breadmaking, wool work, forging, archery etc.

Jesperhus Flower Pars on Mors

Jesperhus Flower Park

The biggest flower park of the North situated in and at the beautiful Legind Bjerge south of Nykøbing on the island Mors.

Islands in North Jutland

North Jutland has beautiful nature, an exciting wildlife and fascinating islands. In the Limfjord and in Kattegat you will find exciting islands which is a good choice for an expedition for the whole family.


Læsø - in the middle of Kattegat

With its seaweed roofs and white sandy beaches, Læsø is placed beautiful in Kattegat. Læsø is Kattegat’s largest island and is known for having maintained its beautiful and untouched nature.

Fur - a beautiful island in the middle of the Limfjord

Fur - a unique island

Fur is placed in the centre of the Limfjord and characterised by cliffs and hill-covered landscape.

Fascinating nature on Livø

Livø - fascinating nature

The nature on Livø is varied despite the only 320 hectares small island. A trip around the island will only take a few hours and you can easily bring your children.

North Jutland’s temptations

If you need inspiration for a day in North Jutland, you can easily find an exciting and interesting excursion trip for the whole family. Here are six suggestions for experiences in North Jutland. 




National Park Thy

National Park Thy

In Thy National Park you will find unique nature – the dunes are huge and wind-swept and these are not only unique in Denmark but also internationally.

Voergaard Castle

Voergaard Castle

Behind the wide moat and the meter-thick walls, you will also find the scariest ghost stories and a great private collection.

Rubjerg Knude

Rubjerg Knude

Rubjerg Knude is a unique location in on the west coast in Denmark with a rich cultural and natural history.

Lønstrup in North Jutland

Lønstrup by the North Sea

The art and nature has characterised Lønstrup and there is pride of the old fishing village.

Børglum Abbey

Børglum Abbey

Børglum Abbey is the frame of thousand years of history and all this history can still be felt in the corners of the old abbey.

Råbjerg Mile by Skagen in North Jutland

Råbjerg Mile

North Jutland has its own desert - Råbjerg Mile. Råbjerg Mile covers a 2km2 area and is Denmark’s largest drifting dune.