Exercise in Green Aalborg

Exercise in Green Aalborg

Find inspiration and good tips for exercising in the outdoors in Aalborg - jump in the sweatsuit and enjoy Aalborgs many parks and green areas on a pleasant run or bike ride.

Local exercise options:

Lysløjpen in Mølleparken

Løjpen is recommended for the individual, who likes to run in the dark. Lysløjpen is a 2,5 km. long illuminated exercise path in Mølleparken.
The route can be trained in intervals or by incline, since the route has a terrain increase of 45 meters.

Run and train during the day

There are many free opportunities to exercise in the open. The training pavilion in Mølleparken, Bundgårdsparken, Lindholm Strandpark and at the old Golf Course. Each pavilion has 3-5 different exercise machines to train your arms, legs and body.

Run, mountain bike, play golf

Get a feeling of going back to nature by visiting one of Aalborgs more "wild" park, Golfparken. The park is situated in direct connection to the more tended Sohngårdsholmpark.
A large part of the area is untrimmed forest and vegetation, which makes it a popular location for running and mountain biking. As the name suggests, it is also possible to play a little golf in the park. It only has 6 holes, but nevertheless you can swing your 8-iron and practice putting in peace and quiet without paying a green fee. The area is unmanned and openly accessible for everyone, except for weekdays between 8 a.m.-3 p.m. where ældresagen has disposal of the course.

Aalborg Outdoor Pool

You will find Aalborg Outdoor Pool 3 km. fra Aalborg city centre, in the west part of the city. The pool is suitable for children as well as adults and features diving boards in the deep pool at 1, 3, 5 and 10 meters. The pool has free admittance and is supervised by life guards. Read more about Aalborg Outdoor Pool...

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There is of course many other ways of moving your body.

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Green Aalborg

Green Aalborg

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