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Denmark is world known as a green and sustainable country. This is one of the reasons for our many green and sustainable industries but also due to the last years growing focus on the Nordic kitchen and the use of local raw materials. In pace with this, Denmark must also be leading in terms of a green meeting destination.

DSEI - cooperation and purpose

DSEI is a cross-national cooperation between private and public organisations in Denmark. Partners work together to strengthen and develop Denmark’s position as a sustainable nation, including as a host country for sustainable meetings and events.  
The cooperation’s partners consist of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, VisitAalborg, SAS, HORESTA, MCI, VisitDenmark, Wonderful Copenhagen, VisitAarhus, and Inspiring Denmark.

DSEI wishs was to both develop Denmark as a sustainable meeting region and at the same time to give all interested meeting bookers inspiration and tools for making their future meetings as sustainable and green as possible.  
Besides this, part of the work with DSEI consisted of establishing already environmental certificated meeting operators and in January 2012, Aalborg had 50 % of their hotel rooms environmental certificated. In 2017, this number has risen to 64% of the hotel rooms. 

DSEI becomes Global and transform to Global Destination Sustainability Index

Concurrently with DSEI, Scandinavian Sustainable Destinations Index was introduced and inolved partners in 2012 and 2013, where a significant number of Scandinavian Convention Bureaus participated, including VisitAalborg. The project set out to benchmark the cities sustainable ahievements and work as well as share best practices, consequently developing each destination to become more sustainable.

Now, the project has reach great heights by transforming from a Scandinavian to a Global Index. You can find more about the project and the cities ranking here,  

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Green meeting city Aalborg

Green Aalborg

Aalborg is a great city when it comes to venues that focus on sustainability and protection of the environment
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