Gastronomy in Aalborg

Come taste the city!

Great culinary experiences await you in Aalborg. There are restaurants for every taste, whether you want to try modern Danish cuisine or stick to better-known cuisines like French, Italian and Asian. Below we offer you a few pointers on where to go.

High End
On a budget

High End

Fusion Restaurant & Sushi
As the name suggests, it is a fusion kitchen between French and Asian cuisine with a concept based on innovation and quality.

La Locanda
A critically acclaimed Italian restaurant in Aalborg, which offers authentic and delicious Italian food.

A cosy, intimate French restaurant which values good produce and ingredients.


Prinses Juliana
An Old Dutch school vessel turned into a high quality restaurant, located right by the Limfjord bridge.

Søgaards Bryghus
Restaurant/micro brewery. Enjoy steaks and classic Danish dishes while sampling the vast selection of beers.

Nam Social Dining & Drinks
A Vietnamese- inspired restaurant which encourages you to order a variety of dishes that you can share with others.

On a Budget

Azzurra Nordkraft
Experience a little piece of Italy while dining in Nordkraft, one of Aalborg’s cultural powerhouses.

All you can eat-buffet with 15 kinds of meat on the grill together with a large salad bar, different potatoes and sauces. You won’t go hungry and there is something for everyone.

Aalborg Street Food - The Lighthouse
At Aalborg Streetfood, which has 16 different kitchens, it is possibly to enjoy dishes from all corners of the world. 


For other suggestions on where to eat, have a look at VisitAalborg's gastronomic guide

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