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Collections at Kunsten

Kunsten - Museum of Modern Art in Aalborg has a comprehensive collection of modern and contemporary art with more than 1,500 paintings, sculptures and more from the year 1900 until now.

Kunsten - Museum of Modern Art in Aalborg has a permanent collection of about 1,500 paintings, sculptures, modern and contemporary art. In addition, the collection also has a similar number of paintings on paper.

The permanent collection at Kunsten

Kunsten's permanent collection is comprised of pieces from naturalism into the abstract art and newer experimental art forms. 

In Kunsten's collection the danish history is represented by among others, J.F. Willumsen, Wilhelm Lundstrøm, Edward Weie, Jens Søndergaard and Erik Hoppe, Wilhelm Freddie, Ejler Bille, Egill Jacobsen, Asger Jorn, Carl-Henning Pedersen, Sonja Ferlov Mancoba, Richard Mortensen, Robert Jacobsen, Willy Ørskov, Poul Gernes, Mogens Møller, Kirsten Christensen, Kirsten Ortwed, Kehnet Nielsen and Ingvar Cronhammar.

The international art is also represented at Kunsten where it has had connection to danish art. The collection holds among others, pieces from artists such as Max Ernst, Fernand Léger, Karel Appel, Constant, Victor Vasarely and Serge Poliakoff.

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Private collections at Kunsten

Anna and Kresten Krestensens large private collection make up a large part of Kunsten's permanent collection. The collection is centered around danish modernism, the CoBrA group and the school in Paris. The collection has later been complemented with pieces fra among others, surrealists such as the Fluxus artists and the 1980s danish, "young wild".

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Anna and Kresten Krestensens collection

With the income fra several dentist clinics around denmark, Anna and Kresten Krestenses collected an impressive collection of danish and international art fra about 1920-50. The collection was happily displayed - for example in the private villa at Gentofte Lake. Kunsten's first manager, Lars Rostrup was one of the key individuals, when large parts of the collection was handed over to the museum in 1967.