Christmas on Aalborg Coast

Christmas on Aalborg Coast is, as so many other places in Denmark, celebrated with joy. Christmas is connected with a lot of traditions and in Hals the christmas tree is lit december 1st. and Santa Claus is of course also visiting the village of Hals.

Each year Santa arrives with the Hals-Egense ferry and this year it is december 15th. at 4 p.m. after the annual Christmas Market in Hals. The whole city of Hals is in the spirit of christmas, so stop by and experience the cozy christmas market with booths where you can find everything from christmas candy, christmas decorations, gift and much more.

Cozy christmas

Christmas is right around the corner. Aalborg Coast offers a number of interesting activities in december.

Whether you would like to visit a christmas market, a museum or maybe listen to a divine concert in Hals Church, we have it all right here.

Stop by our web guide to find an easy overview of the events this christmas. Read more about the christmas market in Hals with a wealth of exciting booths and child-friendly activities or read more about the christmas market in Aalborg.

Christmas events on the coast

Christmas events on the coast

The Coast is getting into the spirit of christmas, so stop by and let yourself be inspired by the many offers. Everything from the arrival of Santa Claus, christmas markets, concerts, shopping and of course traditional christmas food can be found on Aalborg Coast.

Christmas market in Hals

Christmas market in Hals

Join in the holiday fun when Hals opens this years Christmas market...

Christmas at your own pace

Christmas is supposed to be enjoyed at your own pace and here Aalborg Coast has a number of interesting events. Meet Santa Claus as he arrives with the Hals-Egense ferry and shop for christmas in your own pace in Hals' cosy streets.

Take a stroll in the surrounding forests and find interesting natural ornaments for your christmas decorations. If you want to relax, feel free to stop by one of the restaurants in Hals, which offers delicious traditional christmas food.

Girl in christmas outfit

Santa is coming

Santa Claus is coming to Hals on the ferry to give out candy. Do you want to meet him?


Christmas shopping in Hals

Find interesting christmas gifts in Hals...

Christmas in Aalborg

Christmas in Aalborg

Aalborg City also has a number of interesting events this christmas, so don't forget to stop by Aalborg where the christmas celebration is always high.